Raising Memories: 13th Day of Christmas & Jason Wright visits Raising Memories!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

13th Day of Christmas & Jason Wright visits Raising Memories!

I was recently sent a copy of Jason Wright's newest book, The 13th Day of Christmas, published by Shadow Mountain.

Oh, it's one of those books that just tugs at your heart strings! If you're anything like me, you will cry!
But you will be reminded of what is most important in life, that hopefully we are all reminded of even more at Christmas time. This would make a great Christmas gift, and a great book to have around, to read every year.

Today I'm excited to have Jason visit us at Raising Memories!
I was able to ask him a couple of questions about the traditions in this book and some of his other books, and about his work travelling to visit and speak at schools. He's here via video, to answer them :) This was such a fun way to do this, and I'd love to do it again with other visitors!

I hope you'll take a minute to listen to Jason Wright:

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