First People!

The first time I felt inclined to snap a picture of my daughter's artwork on her 'magna doodle' was two weeks ago when she drew a pretty good "happy" face. She's been drawing happy faces for a long time, but this one struck me as an especially well constructed one ;)

Then a few days ago, she presented me with a drawing that floored me. I was convinced that Ken must have taught her to draw people sometime when I wasn't around. He later confirmed that he had not.

So, I'm pretty proud of my little 3-year-old for figuring out how to draw people without help! They even have hair & "shoes"!


  1. This is definite brilliance. No doubt about it. Almost equally impressive is the fact that you haven't lost any of the stampers yet. I have no idea where those things disappear to ... I especially love the timing of this photo because today Tessa was drawing on the whiteboard and told me to say, "Who is that gruesome creature?" So I did, and she said, "It's you Mom!" Niiiice. Last time I echo on demand.

  2. lol!
    We have had this magna doodle for over a year & I am kinda proud of the fact that I now have all three stampers in there at once ;) They weren't for a long time, & then one day they were all back.
    That is hilarious about Tessa :) haha Talia told me that the people in this picture were Talia, Katrina, & Daddy. But gruesome creature- that's good. ;)

  3. what good drawings!! she's quite the smart lil girl isn't she?

  4. That is absolutely adorable. It's super cool you took a photo to preserve the temporary drawing!


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