Emily ~ Headshots

I snapped a few headshots for Emily last week, for her University student card. This was my favourite of the bunch.

I haven't had many photos to post lately, so I thought I'd share it, even though it wasn't a full session or anything.

I'm in the middle of a computer switch, & the computer that I have my photo software running on is extremely slow right now, so processing photos takes way longer than it should. This is why I haven't even uploaded our trip photos yet!


  1. killer d.o.f. love this shot.

  2. Gorgeous head shot, and gorgeous girl! I love her hair!

  3. Great shot! We have the same name, slightly different spelling though ;)

  4. She's a pretty girl! Aren't computer switches a huge PAIN? I lost a hard drive recently, and although I had all my client images backed up, it's just a huge pain in the butt to get everything set back up the way I want it.

  5. Thanks Erica :) I love the look of portraits with a really shallow dof.

    Thanks Roz :)

    Brandi, totally! I am in the process of switching and of doing a lot of backing up. None of our family photos are backed up, & they really should be! I will feel so much better when it's done!


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