Stained Glass Paper Trees

Today we made Stained Glass Paper Trees. I was reminded of this fun activity idea when I visited Alpha Mom's Blog.

What To Do:

- cut a tree out of construction paper
- cut holes in it (like you would a paper snowflake, or just fold here & there & cut a piece out)
- glue pieces of tissue paper on the back like this:

- hold up to the window & watch the light shine through! :)

p.s. This post was featured on ABC & 123's Holiday Crafts post!


  1. Talia, Tessa made some of these trees too because she saw them on here, and she talked about you the whole time we made them! We love you!

  2. Tami, thanks for sharing that :) Talia says, "Awww! That's nice of them to say that!" lol :)


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