Feature Friday #1 - Katherine Marie

Okay, so I couldn't resist tying the feature to a day of the week. But honestly, I do not expect to feature a new blog or website every Friday. But when I do, I will do it on Friday- fair enough? :)

I have been checking out Mommy Blogs and websites of all types since I started this blog and it's so fun to discover the ones I know I'm gonna love, and are Feed Reader-worthy. ;)

I subscribe to the The Crafty Crow and they recently linked to a blog that I was really excited to find!

Katherine Marie is a mom and a photographer, and her "theme of the week"s are fabulous! You have got to check them out!

Here's a glimpse at her Snow Theme of the Week (you'll have to check out her blog to see the rest of the fun!

Be sure to check through her other posts as well- they are full of fun, cute ideas.


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~Heather Lynne