Monday Moments #7

Talia, dressing her doll:

"Put this on so you're modest.
What does modest mean?
Modest means dressed so you have clothes on so your body is covered and so you're not naked anymore.

Oooo.. look at you, you're so pettty!
I know you're so tall! You're even taller than me!
You're taller than me, you're taller!- growing like Susan!"
(from Monsters vs. Aliens)


Ken was dancing with Talia and Katrina joined in. They were having a great time being twirled over & over :)

I love it when Ken's home & able to spend time with the girls! I'm sure these moments will be among the most treasured when we look back at this time of parenthood :)


  1. That is a beautiful picture. I love daddy-daughter shots. Truly to be cherished.

  2. Oh I love this picture too! Well I love all the pictures but this reminds me of a 1950's Daddy's home from work, the roast is in the oven perfect memory kind of moment...certainly one you will look back on in your old age.


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