Review (Kids' Shoes from CSN Stores)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Review (Kids' Shoes from CSN Stores)

I recently ordered two pairs of shoes online at CSN Stores for Katrina.

The first is this pair of Rileyroos:

I'm a definite fan of these shoes! I love the way the soles are! They've got a good grip, but they're in 3 parts, so that they are still really bendable. And besides this feature, they are ridiculously adorable!!! They're also very easy to put on- yay for velcro! ;)

The second is this pair of Wee Squeak Shoes:

I think they're adorable as well, and they are so fun because they squeak! When we put them on her it was so fun to watch her reaction as she started walking and realized the squeaking was coming from her own feet! :) They are well made, and the squeaker can be taken out when you need quiet.

Overall, I'm very pleased with both shoes, but so sad because the Wee Squeak shoes are too tight! She was able to put them on & every time she saw them, she wanted to put them on again, but they're really too small. So, my advice when shopping for kids' shoes online, is to follow the sizing charts, but buy a size up! If they're too big, at least they'll grow into them! The Rileyroos fit, but as soon as her feet grow, she'll be out of them, so I probably could've gone with a size up for those as well.

Again, I had a great experience shopping at CSN Stores! I only wish they shipped their kids' shoes to Canada, but I'm lucky to have a sister & sisters-in-law who live in the U.S. & a mom & mom-in-law who like to visit them! ;)

If you haven't heard about CSN Stores, let me tell you the perks as I mentioned last time I posted about shopping with them!
-they have major selection
(there are so many great products available through them!)
-their prices were really good
(this is definitely an important factor for me)
-and their customer service was excellent.
(I had a couple of questions during the process and I received very quick and helpful responses.)

I definitely recommend CSN Stores but I warn you- once you start checking them out, you may have a hard time tearing yourself away! ;)

This was not a paid post- the opinions shared are my own. Thank you to CSN Stores who supplied this product for the review.


  1. These are very stylish kids shoes! My kids would love wearing these at all time, even to bed!

  2. What size did you get for Katrina? I definitely need a pair of these for when my baby girl learns to walk!!!


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