Halloweenie Dress Up Paper Doll (Boy, Girl, & Dog!)

I found this Printable last Hallowe'en but didn't print it until the end of January this year ;) Talia still had a lot of fun dressing them up! I saved this post for October so that it would be more applicable ;)

Check out Babalisme for the downloads! We just printed them, I cut them out, laminated them, then cut them out again. We didn't use the tabs.

www.livingcurto.com also has a "Doggie Dress-Up" printable here!

If you've seen any other cute dress-up dolls for Hallowe'en, please let me know in the comments, we'd love to check them out!


  1. This looks great! My daughter would love these, and I love the idea of laminating them... my only question is - When they are laminated, if you aren't using the tabs how do the clothes stay on the doll? Would you tape them?

  2. Yep, that's the drawback with laminating them- you have to dress them up when they're laying down on a surface (floor/table), and you can't lift them up to play unless you're holding some clothes on. Happily, this didn't bother my daughter & she still played with them A LOT!


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