Dipping Pretzels in Caramel & Chocolate

This year we decided to dip pretzels after buying the wrong kind of chocolate for something else. This led to learning how to make homemade caramel. Lots of fun!

I can't offer you any tips for the caramel- that was all Ken. But he pulled if off without a candy thermometer, so if you're gutsy, give it a try! (It wasn't really all that difficult from what I can tell ;) And it was GOOD!

You can also just buy caramel at a store and warm it up.

So, here's what you do:
1. Put the caramel in a mug and put the mug in a pot of water on the stove at a low temperature (enough to get it all melty).
2. Dip the pretzels, let the excess run off into the mug, then lay flat on parchment paper to cool. (Caution: supervise & help your young kids if you have them helping with this part- it gets HOT!)
3. Repeat steps 1 & 2 for the chocolate, with the pretzels that already have caramel on them.
4. You're done! (Well, you can swirl white or coloured chocolate on top, or sprinkle on nuts or crushed candy canes or whatever you like while the chocolate is still soft, if you have time & want to get fancy :)

They're so good!


  1. sweet! that looks like fun. Think I may have to try that with my daughter.. she would have so much fun.
    Your daughter's are soooo beautiful!

  2. I don't even bother melting the caramel, just pull off a chunk and press it around the pretzel. Then it sticks great and you get a nice round pretzel -- and more caramel, which is always good! Looks fun though! I usually make the kids stay away. Too many secret finger licks.

  3. i love the pictures, they are so cute! i can't wait to see you guys! MY MOUTH IS WATERING, BRING ME SOME PRETZELS. hahaha

  4. I see you have some cuties helping in the kitchen.The pretzel look delicious.I may try this sometime !


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