Brittany & Brandon (Engagement Photos)

The last engagement session I posted was for my sister. Not long after she got engaged, my brother proposed to his girlfriend!

Their weddings will be 5 weeks apart, so things are getting a little crazy around here- especially since the first one is 5 weeks from now!

On to the photos- here are some of my favourites from Brandon & Brittany's engagement session- we went back to the waterfall where my brother proposed.

We spent some time walking in the water, back to the spot where he got down on one knee (in the water) and proposed. I had to get a shot of them in their water shoes to remember it by ;)

Brittany spotted these heart shaped leaves. I couldn't resist getting a ring shot with them!

It was a fun evening you two- I look forward to having you for a sister in law, Brittany, and the girls are psyched to be getting an aunt!


  1. They are sooo cute together! Pretty pictures, heather! The waterfall is an awesome setting for a shoot.

  2. Aren't they?! :)
    Thanks Hilary- yes, it was beautiful there!

  3. WOW- those are gorgeous photos! Great job!

  4. Great photos - so beautiful! I don't know how they'll choose for their announcements - although that first one is sooo amazing. Congrats to Brandon!

  5. These are really good! Love them!

  6. i think my favorite was the one with the sunshine and laughter. so precious! love you two!

  7. Love the water shoes one, what a cute idea! Great photos!

  8. these pictures are amazing! i especially love the one of the ring on the leaves. how awesome! i love the waterfall backdrop pic too. great stuff!

    i'm a new "follower!" hope you'll follow me too! found you on blogfrog:)


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