Give Oh Give

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Give Oh Give

Tonight as I sat on the floor, helping Katrina into her PJs, I could hear Talia practising her piano downstairs, and Ken repairing something while listening to Talia & "passing off" her songs. I had one of those moments where I was struck by how thankful I am to be a mother, to have a husband like Ken, and to have two sweet little girls. I sometimes have these moments in the middle of hectic everyday life. I'm so thankful to have the life that I have and I treasure each moment, knowing how quickly things could change.

I've mentioned before that education is something that is very important to me, and that although I feel strongly about staying home with my children, I know that is not an option that is available to everyone, nor is it necessarily always going to be available to those of us who are doing it now.

I'm sharing these thoughts with you because I was recently invited by LDS Philanthropies to attend a meeting with some other LDS bloggers. The meeting took place in Salt Lake City and I live in Canada, so I didn't make it. ;) However, I am happy to be one of the bloggers teaming up with LDS Philanthropies & LDS Business College to raise awareness during November about their quest to raise money for the Stella Harris Oaks Horizons of Hope Scholarship for single parents.

I've added a widget to my sidebar that you can see in larger form in this post. It allows you to listen to the story of Megan, whose life has been altered because of receiving this scholarship: (click on the little volume icon at the bottom right of the video, to hear it)

If you would like to contribute to the fund, even in a small amount, you can do so by clicking here or by clicking on the "GIVE" button on the widget in the sidebar. If you are a blogger, you can help spread the word by sharing the widget on your blog (clicking on the "SHARE" button on the widget).

It's amazing to see the good that can be done by a bunch of bloggers- we've already come so close to our original goal and it's only a couple of days into the month!

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