Avid Thumb Sucker

Katrina has been an avid right-thumb sucker for most of her life.
We recently tried that nasty nail polish on her sucking thumb.
She switched to her left thumb.

After a few days, we decided to put the nail polish on both thumbs.
She has now resorted to her baby finger.

It's hard to do this to her- it seems so harsh!
But perhaps her teeth will thank us one day ;)

Have you had success helping a child to stop sucking their thumb (or fingers)?
We were lucky with Talia- she stopped really quickly.


  1. My 2 year old is a avid thumb sucker - we use band-aids - it works while they are one - once you take them off she is back at it. I do not like the nail polish stuff - it has chemicals I do not want in my daughter's mouth. :)

  2. Awww, so hard! Because the thumb sucking is really cute :) No one in this family can give you very good advice, sorry! :D

  3. This is terrible but I was a thumb sucker as a child also and my parents tried everything. Finally they took me to a friend of my dad's who had dentures. He told me my teeth would fall out if I kept sucking my thumb. Traumatic and over the top? Probably. But it worked! ;-)


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