Favourite Valentine Activities for Kids

Valentine's Day is less than a month away!
I'll be on the look out for new valentine activities for kids, how about you?

Here are some of the ways we've found to celebrate in February:

Heart Shaped Breakfast

Lollipop Photo Valentines

Love Letter Books

Contact Paper Sun Catcher

Kiss Cards

Crayon Wax Suncatcher

Heart Number Wheel

Candy Cane Cake

Heart Toast

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  1. i love the lollypop valentine. i can't wait to make it with jake (in a few years!).

  2. I LOVE your idea of the lollypop valentine! It's so cute, and more personal too!

  3. Such great ideas! That lollipop Valentine is darling!

  4. Very innovative and lovely. I really love the lollipop valentine.

  5. Awe the heart toast is cute,nice and simple


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