How to Make Easy DIY Pinkalicious or Princess Wands

DIY Star Wand Toy Craft Tutorial

We did a "Pinkalicious" birthday party for Katrina's 3rd birthday. For one of the party favours, I made little Pinkalicious wands for each of the girls. I took pictures of the process incase you'd like to see how I made them and make some of your own.

Here's what you'll need:

- sparkly/gold/silver/yellow cardstock (or other thick paper)
(I found thick, sparkly, gold scrapbook paper at a dollar store)
- wooden dowels (can also be found at the dollar store)
- pink paint
- glue gun
- ribbon (I used yellow & pink)

How to Make a Pinkalicious Wand
Step 1: Find a star picture online (google it & choose one you like) and print it to cut out & use as a template)

DIY Princess Wand Tutorial
Step 2: Paint the dowels pink (your kids can help- they'll love it!)

Step 3: This is optional. My dowels were a bit big, so my hubby volunteered to sand them down to make them less bulky between the two stars that I would later glue on.

Make your own star wands
Step 4: Position your star templates on the back of your gold/yellow/sparkly paper to make sure they fit, stick them on with a rolled piece of tape and commence cutting. (Note: I was cutting these with kitchen scissors- it's just what I found first. The paper was very thick and my index finger got sore, but I persevered. I regret that now- it took just over a month for my finger to feel normal again- I think I did some sort of nerve damage! So.. be careful & give yourself breaks as needed! Or get your hubby to help ;)

Step 5: Glue gun your ribbon pieces onto your dowels, at the top. I put mine on an angle so that they wouldn't hang right on top of each other. To prevent fraying, you can melt the ends of the ribbon with a flame. (If you don't know how to do that, I made a quick video to show you)

Step 6: Glue your dowel onto your first star as shown. Then sandwich it with the 2nd star so that the tops of your ribbons are covered.

Pinkalicious Star Wand Tutorial


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  1. Very pretty! My dayghter would love this !

  2. Hmmm, I think I Cricut would be a perfect star-cutting tool! ;) Super cute wands. Hope I'm invited next time! :D

  3. Ha Tami :) This party was pre-cricut! You're totally invited, sometimes we just forget to mention it since you never come! :( Darn distance!

  4. Debbie White BeattieNovember 9, 2017 at 10:01 PM

    These wands and so cute and they're perfect for every girl to be a princess for the day or in some cases their princesses for life. This is an easy craft project that will give lots of enjoyment.


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