Jo Totes Millie Bag in Grey Review

Last week I shared a review of my Kelly Moore B-Hobo Bag and I mentioned that I would share another camera bag/purse review today. That's because ever since Jo Totes came out with their Millie Bag, I have been thinking about it! I finally purchased the Jo Totes Millie Bag in Grey in November and want to share my review of it with you today.

The reason I wanted to own this bag in addition to the B-Hobo was that I thought the Millie would be a smaller bag, perfect for bringing along to events with my 'big' camera, when I didn't need an extra lens. I liked the idea of a smaller bag. The B-hobo served that purpose pretty well, but it was still a bit big. Turns out the Millie worked great for this purpose! I was especially relieved to find that my camera (the Canon 5D) fit into the bag just fine, despite hearing that it may not.

But that's enough about the B-Hobo for now. I'll be back next week with a comparison between the two bags. For today, I want to focus on Millie:

I opened the box to find the bag wrapped up & protected in this bag:

The Millie has a large zipper pocket on the back:

The strap is adjustable and has an easy to remove, snap-on shoulder pad:

The front flap of the bag closes with a snap that attaches to the bottom of the bag:

Under the flap, there's a large front zipper pocket. The top, main section of the bag also zips closed:

This bag comes with 2 removable, padded dividers. They have velcro on three sides.

Because I like to carry my camera with a lens attached, ready to shoot, I only use one divider. This gives me room to store my Canon 5D with a Tamron 28-75mm lens attached on one side, and my Canon 480 ex flash in its case in the other. I also have a bulky camera strap cover that fits just fine, above the camera.

Here are a couple of pictures of me, wearing the bag. I found shots like this helpful when I was shopping online for a camera bag because it gave me an idea of how big the bag actually was. The left 2 photos are just over the shoulder, and in the right shot, I've lengthened the strap in order to wear it across my body.

...and that's the Millie! If you've got any questions for me about the bag or my experience with it, let me know in the comments, and I'd be happy to reply.

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  1. ahh i have been wanting a jototes camera bag! they are too cute but havent wanted to spend the money on one when mine works fine~ ha

    1. :) I know how you feel! I also have the Kelly Moore B-hobo in Muted Teal & they just came out with a new purple colour that I LOVE! I wish I could transform my teal into the purple version cuz I cannot justify buying it again for the colour! lol

  2. Hi Heather! I just did a Google search for a review on Millie today so it looks like your post was well timed! I too have been drooling over Millie but I'm a little concerned about access. With the front flap, do you find it hard to get in and out of on the fly? I'm looking for a bag that I can carry on engagement and family shoots when I only need a couple of lenses and a flash. My other option is the Ephiphanie Lyric... I'm in love with messenger style bags. Hands free baby!! :)

  3. Hi Lorelei,
    That is good timing! :)
    I think this bag would work great for carrying on a shoot as a sort of "lens bag". You would have easy access either by unzipping the top of the bag & leaving the flap "shut" but not snapped closed (it would be easy to just whip the flap up whenever you need to grab a new lens), or by lifting the flap right up & over (so that it's by your body & the bag is open).

  4. Thanks for the review!! Is this the "pewter" grey they have on their site? it looks lighter... so I was just curious if there are different greys that they offer! thanks!! :)

    1. No, this is NOT the pewter grey. I don't see the grey on the site right now. Perhaps they are waiting for more to come in.

      Edited to Add: According to a commenter below, they are no longer offering this grey colour.

  5. I want this bag so much (in the grey color), but when I emailed them they said they were not offering it in the grey anymore. :( I'm waiting to see what new colors they might offer it in. I really appreciate your review.

    1. Aw, that's too bad that they're not offering it in this colour anymore!
      Thanks for your comment, it's good to know that this is appreciated :)
      I hope they come out with a great new colour that you'll love! :)

  6. Would the back pocket fit an ipad? I'm considering this bag as an addition to my bigger Kelly Moore bag, but I'm worried my 'essentials' (5D & ipad) wont fit.

  7. Hey Theresa,
    I have never tried fitting an ipad, so I'm not sure. But according tothis review, she has tried & it doesn't fit: (She's referring to the main area of the bag I think, but I'm guessing she would've tried the back pocket too)

  8. Thank you for this great review. I am shopping diligently for a new bag and really love this Jo Totes model. Who would have thought it would be so hard to find something small, but feminine? The Kelly Moore Posey 2 was another one I am considering...but based upon your review (especially the pictures of you wearing it, very helpful) I think I will go with the Millie. Can't beat the price!

    1. Thanks Tina, it's good to hear that this review is helping people! :)


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