The 3 Year Old Pinkalicious Birthday Party

Today I will share with you the Pinkalicious Birthday Party that I threw for my new little 3 year old. :)

pinkalicious birthday party
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Pinkalicious Birthday Party Ideas

Here's how we decorated normal drinking boxes to turn them into pinkified party drinks!

My little Pinkalicious:

While we waited for the guests to arrive we had a little colouring table set up with pinkalicious coloring pages, stickers & treats.

Most of our Pinkalicious party supplies just came from the dollar store. We chose a pink table cloth, some pink stickers, pink paper, and other pink items from around our house.
Pinkalicious Party

After colouring (top left photo), we had a treasure hunt (clue shown in bottom left photo).

We had our traditional pink tree set up for her birthday which went well with the decor! The treasure hunt brought them to a treasure chest below the Christmas Katrina Tree which contained personalized Pinkalicious lip balm, princess rings, their Pinkalicious Wands, tiaras, and chocolate coins. 

Next, we made our own bracelets:

Then while we waited for Daddy to pick up the pizza lunch, we turned some Nutcracker ballet music on & the girls twirled & danced to their hearts' content!

Then we had lunch which was pizza with pink drinks!

Followed by cupcakes! (What would a Pinkalicious party be without pink cupcakes??!)

They got to decorate their cupcakes themselves:

Pinkalicious Birthday

The birthday girl loaded hers up...

...and here's the pinkalicious cupcake she came up with:

Pinkalicious Cupcake
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It was such fun to prepare this party for her & I loved having a small number of guests- it was so manageable!

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  1. I love this! I may be doing something like this (also with a small number of kids) later in the year for my youngest - every little girls dream party! Looked great, well done!

  2. Very cute. What girl doesn't love pink? Saw your link at Tip Junkie. Enjoyed seeing all the pink fun.

  3. What girl doesn't love pink? Loved seeing the girls having such fun. Saw your link at Tip Junkie. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I know! It's such a great theme for a little girl's birthday party :)
      Thanks for commenting! :)

  4. So sweet! I dressed my little girl in pink every chance I got.

    1. :) My girls are definitely "girly girls" and they do love to wear pink! (and eat on the pink dishes... and sleep on pink blankets, etc. etc... ;)

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    Mrs. Delightful

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  7. Such a fun pink party for little girls!

  8. Looks like such a fun party! Love all the pink. If only they had pinkalicious when I was a kid

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  9. A gals dream party party all pretty in pink,thanks for the neat ideas


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