Mary Kay Timewise Miracle Set (Review & Giveaway)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mary Kay Timewise Miracle Set (Review & Giveaway)

A big welcome to our returning sponsor this month, Pamela, who is a beauty consultant for Mary Kay cosmetics!

This month Pamela is giving away something awesome! (again, she's giving something away at her facebook page, and another set to one of my blog readers!)

I'm trying something new this time around, and I'm going to vlog about it!

(do you notice the bandaid that Talia put on my finger today when I sliced my finger? What a sweetie- she showed up with ointment & everything & put it on for me ;) Also, I don't have a lisp in real life- I think the video makes it sound like I do!)

You can enter the giveaway below, through the rafflecopter form:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Daily Tweet!/emurban/status/168030010194669569
    Happy Friday everyone.

  2. you only THINK you don't have a lisp... just kidding you don't of course...and you are very cute in your video. In fact you remind me of Talia.

  3. haha Jenn :) I was afraid someone I knew in real life would comment & inform me that I have always had a lisp & didn't know it!! haha :)

  4. hmmm the rafflecopter form seems to have disappered?

  5. roswell, I can still see it... do you see a link that says "read more".. if so, click on that & then you should see the rafflecopter form...


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