Popcorn Gift

My mother in law loves popcorn. As a gift, we wanted to give her some special popcorn. Ken brought these containers home from his lab and we got the girls involved by making little labels for the 2 flavours of popcorn we had purchased.

Then we had them roll the paper so that it would fit in the small opening at the top of the container:

And then the fun part was transferring the popcorn over to the new, specially decorated containers:

Dad even tried a paper funnel, but in the end we decided it was easier without it. (I just hope it wasn't too hard for her to get the popcorn OUT of the containers when she wanted to!)

If you were reading Talia's writing, you'll notice we did this a few months ago ;) Finally I'm getting around to sharing the photos with you! :)

I love finding simple ways to do things with the girls that gets them excited to be creative and involved. This was a good one!


  1. I wondered if Kernels was still around! I need my mom to bring me more dill pickle flavoring next time she comes out!

  2. This is such a cute gift and I love the bottles


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