Mothers and Daughters (Heidi & Jayne)

In May I did a Mothers & Daughters photography project.
I spent a morning shooting photos of 5 different moms and 9 daughters.

As I work my way through them, I'm posting a few photos on the blog of each mother & daughter.

Here are Heidi & her daughter Jayne:

If you'd like to see some more of the posts from the Mothers & Daughters project, click here.


  1. Hey do you have any pictures of Heidi and Mary as well?

  2. My guess is that Uncle Joe asked that question. Thanks Heather, these are great! I'm looking forward to ordering some from you!

  3. Raising my daighter is the most pleasnt thing in the world and in my entire life. I like your site. Thanks.

  4. Children are our everything! Ensuring their healthy growth, as well as their self- development should be a main key concern of our society!


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