Welcome Summer! (Surprise Party on the Last Day of School :)

Last year on the last day of school, Katrina, Ken & I welcomed Talia home with a lot of fun!

We met Talia at her bus with a helium ballon. Katrina already had her face painted and we were ready to paint Talia's on arrival ;)

During the day Katrina & I made the welcome banner you see on the door in the photo above.

The backyard was all ready with water balloons, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, balls, etc.
We had so much fun & Talia was so excited! It was great that Ken could be home early enough to be part of it, too :)

When we came in from playing in the sun, I had this summery treat ready for them:

If you've got a little time to spare, before your kids' last day of school, see if you can't whip up a fun "Welcome to Summer" surprise party for them!

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  1. This is a super cute idea to welcome summer! I'll have to put this away for when my kids are old enough to go to school =)

  2. What a super cute idea! I'll have to tuck this away to do when my kiddos are in school. :)


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