1000 Follower Celebration (Paper Coterie)

It's time for another Celebratory giveaway! :)

Today I'm excited to have Paper Coterie offering you a giveaway to help me celebrate getting 1000 GFC followers of Raising Memories Blog! :)

So, Paper Coterie is such a cool company! They've got all kinds of neat products that you can create on their website, and customize with photos and text. Honestly, I'd like to try one of each! They're designs are absolutely adorable, too.

From calendars to greeting cards, to photo books, to journals, planners, memory boxes, etc. Seriously, get to their website & have a look around- you won't be sorry you did!

Also, you can find some adorable, free printables on their website!
They've got a couple of Hallowe'en Printables up there right now.


The Review

Paper Coterie let me order something so that I could share my experience with you. I ordered a journal, to be used as a Family Home Evening Log. (We have a family night each week, and we always start by reviewing our week and planning the week ahead of us. I have wanted a special book to record the things that go on in our family, and to keep track of who does what during Family Home Evening each week.)

It was totally easy & straightforward to design, easy to order, and here's how it arrived:
(In a box, wrapped A LOT in bubble wrap, and then inside of a very cute 'envelope box'. Seriously, I love it when companies use cute, fun wrapping for their products.)

Inside of the box was a cute little note, welcoming me to the circle of friends at Paper Coterie, and a little gift- a cute necklace!

In the photos below, you can see the front, back, and side of my book (which I'm very happy with!)

I took a few shots of the interior of the book as well, so you could see what it's like. I love that it has a ribbon bookmark, to keep track of our place, too. :)

In the interest of full disclosure, I wanted to share any cons along with the pros. So, here's my only con: while Paper Coterie does ship to Canada, their shipping to Canada is, sadly, often too expensive for me to justify.


The Giveaway

One of you will win a gift code for any item on the site, with free shipping to the U.S. (if you live in Canada, you will have to pay shipping).
(this excludes gift cards and canvases)

Oh, and here's some great news!
If you're a first time customer at Paper Coterie, you can get a free journal!
Just enter the code welcomejournal at checkout! (standard shipping applies)

To enter the giveaway, just fill out the rafflecopter form below:


  1. Congrats on 1000 Followers and thanks for the nice giveaway!

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