Sun Glasses & Prescription Glasses for FREE! (with Firmoo)

Have you heard of Firmoo?

They're a website where you can buy prescription and non prescription glasses and sunglasses. Their prices are good, and they have a great promotion where you can get your first pair for free!

I tried these sunglasses in purple.
And here are my thoughts on them:

- cute
- comes with a hard case (with Firmoo branding)
- comes with a soft, draw string bag (with Firmoo branding)
- comes with a cleaning cloth (with Firmoo branding)
- comes with screwdriver & extra screws
- they came in the mail quickly and were in good shape when they arrived

- my hair gets caught sometimes, around the little bow decal
- the hard case doesn't stay closed very well
- there weren't a ton of sunglasses choices that I liked

Here's a shot of my glasses, their hard case & cleaning cloth- and a couple of shots of me wearing them so you can see how big they are :

What a great deal! And if you need prescription glasses, what could be better than free??


  1. Its a good Fashionable glass which suits on you.
    One more thing- Glasses looks more beautiful on beautiful faces.
    U r a good example of it.

    1. Ya You always says right because the beautiful girl wear this glass


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