Dreaming of $50,000 #GoldenKitten

What would you do with $50,000 cash?

Here is my honest answer: I would save it.

But that is not fun to imagine, is it? So, here’s what I would dream of doing with $50,000 if I had to spend it! I would dream of an amazing trip to Disney World for our family, I would dream of a second vehicle, I would dream of a new camera and lenses and a beautiful camera bag, I would dream of my own ipad, and man, when you give yourself permission to spend a LOT of money (in your mind), it is really fun to think about! $50,000 can buy a lot, my friends!

So, take a moment. What does your dream bubble have in it?

Okay, now imagine this- The Royale Golden Kittens 50th Anniversary promotion! There are 500 instand-win prizes up for grabs! 440 Golden Kitten Tickets are hidden inside specially marked Royale bathroom tissue, facial tissue, paper towel and dinner napkins and 60 are located online through royale.ca or the Royal Kittens Facebook Page (there is a fun game to play first, for your chance to win a ticket!)

If you get a golden ticket, you just enter your PIN code online and you could win one of 500 instant-win prizes – before being entered to win the $50,000 grand-prize or one of four runner-up prizes!

Instant win prizes include:
- Samsung TVs
- Samsung Tablets
- Samsung Blu-Ray Players
- SpaFinder Gift Cards
- Limited Edition ROYALE Kittens (plush)

Did you catch that? You could be spending $50,000 FOR REALS!!!


Disclosure – I am participating in the Golden Kittens Blog Tour by Mom Central Canada on behalf of Royale. I received compensation as a thank you for participating and for sharing my honest opinion. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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