Monday Moments: "I just don't want to be peg-rant"

I just don't want to grow up and be your age.
I just want to get married when I'm 6.

how will you have enough money?

piggy bank.

oh. and what will you need the money for?

getting married.

And what will you need it for after you get married?

candy and buying things.... like candy..and lollipops...
...and a bunk bed and curtains... and dollies for my children.

What about a house? will you live in a house?

I'll live in this house because I want to still live with you- I want to be with my family even though I'll be married... but I want to get married, but I just don't want to be peg-rant
(pregnant ;)

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  1. {Kathy} And that is why it's good to be 6. Simple-minded. She has it all figured out. Fabulous.


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