The Cheezie Game! (A.K.A. The Cheese Head Game)

Ever heard of the Cheezie game? (or we could call it the Cheese Head Game... I like that ;)

I hadn't, but my sister in law found it online while we researched a fun game to play with the kids at a family reunion. It was a hit with the young kids, so I thought I'd share it with you here!

You'll Need:
- A couple of bags of Cheezies
- A can of shaving cream
- A shower cap
- Some garbage bags
(none of these need to be expensive or high quality since
they won't be used for eating/shaving/holding garbage)

Here's What You Do:

1. Get a brave volunteer to wear a garbage bag for protection
(put one under them on the floor, too, for eazy clean up),
and a shower cap on their head.

2. Cover their shower cap with shaving cream...

3. Designate a line for the kids to stand behind and let them fill their fists with Cheezies. Then shout, "Ready? Set! GO!" and let them throw their Cheezies at the soon-to-be-cheese-heads!

4. Inevitably, your cheese head will try to catch a snack in his/her mouth, your kids will ignore the line they're supposed to stand behind (and you'll let them, because they're more successful when they get to dump the Cheezies right on the cheese head anyway ;) More fun that way!

Such a simple game to get going, and a big hit!
I hope you'll give it a try & have lots of fun with it!

(and you could totally just do this at home with your kids- no need for a reunion or kids' activity day! ;)


  1. Awe,when all the kids come to visit at Easter we will do this at game night,its going to be so much fun.Thanks

  2. Hi there! How did you make the shower caps have a rim like that. There seems to be a ring or spring in there or something.

    1. That's a good question! It's been so long since we played that I don't remember! But I think you could cut a circle of cardstock to stick in there, to achieve that effect.


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