Alexander Steven (A Birth Story)

Almost a month ago now, I was privileged to attend the birth of my newest nephew. It was the second homebirth I've had the opportunity to attend and once again, I went away amazed and feeling blessed to have been able to witness such a huge moment for a family.

On Sunday I saw my sister-in-law, Betsy, at church. She let me know that she had been having regular contractions, but nothing too intense yet. That evening we decided I would go out of town a bit for a family dinner and that my girls would go to my parents' house overnight (Ken was out of town at a conference). It's a good thing we did that because my brother-in-law, Steve, called me at 5:15am to let me know that they had called the midwife and I could plan to come over soon!

I arrived at their house shortly after that (and just like Laura's birth, I was there before the midwife). I went up to see Betsy who was calmly focused, laboring in her room alone while their son, Donovan, slept in the next room and Steve hurried around, getting things ready.

Soon the midwife arrived and then my mother-in-law (who is a Doula and would also be attending).
The midwife got set up while Linda (our mother-in-law) helped out, doing whatever she could to help Betsy to be as comfortable as possible. This is the second time that I've been impressed at a birth, with how the mother seems to just retreat into a calm, focused place- sort of "away" from everyone else. She remains focused on what she has to do while everyone else scurries around doing whatever they can to offer assistance!

At one point I noticed this quote in the corner of Betsy's mirror and found it very appropriate for what was going on in that room that day!

After a long and difficult labor, that little boy finally arrived, at 7:27am. Everyone was so happy to meet him! (Including new big brother, Donovan, who woke up just in time to meet his baby brother)

Steve got busy with two phones in hand, calling to make announcements. After some time, one of the midwives got to work measuring and weighing the baby. We knew he was a big baby, but we were all surprised (and impressed) when she weighed him and declared a weight of 10lbs and 11oz!

After all of that excitement, Steve took Donovan downstairs for some breakfast and then I spent some time playing with that little big brother :)

Then it was time for Donovan to meet his baby brother up close. It was so cute to see him checking that baby out! Without prompting, he held his little brother's hand and was all smiles! A month later now, and Donovan continues to be a very sweet brother to little Xander. :)

What a beautiful little boy, and a beautiful experience to be present when he came into this world!

Thank you Steve and Betsy, for allowing me to be there for such a significant event in your lives :)

I've already posted newborn photos of baby Xander (I'm going about this backwards, because I haven't shared Betsy's maternity photos yet, but they'll come ;)


  1. Ohhhhhh I loved every photo! I love the quote and the outdoor lights on photo...such an unassuming photo, someone walking by would never imagine such a miracle was happening just inside! And Betsy! 11 pound baby! WOWZA! You make homebirth look amazing!!!

    1. Thanks Jenn :) I know (re. the outside photo). I can remember leaving Laura's house and feeling the same way as I did approaching (in the case of both of their births)- that something amazing was happening inside of that house and no one else had any idea.

  2. I may have teared up a little bit. :) Such a good job Heather!! You are hired for my next birth! :)

    1. :) Thanks Rachelle. I hope I live close enough to do it when the time comes! (If not, no big deal, you'll just fly me out. ...right??? ;)

  3. These are such awesome photos! The only thing more awesome is Betsy. 3 cheers for a large baby homebirth!!

    And I don't know what you are talking about, something amazing is ALWAYS happening in my house:)

    1. Thanks Laura! I know, I am so impressed by her!
      haha, good point. You guys are pretty amazing ;)

  4. Just lovely. There is nothing quite like the miracle of new life--and the privilege we photographers have of recording it for posterity.


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