Jo Totes Missy in Mint Camera Bag Review

It's time for another camera bag review!
I have already tried out two fabulous camera bags- the Millie by Jo Totes, and the B-Hobo by Kelly Moore.

This time, Jo Totes (also known as Johansen Camera Bags) has sent me the Missy bag in Mint to try out and share with you.
I was not disappointed when it arrived- it's so pretty! :)

Jo Totes Camera Purse Review by

Let's get down to the details first, and then I'll tell you what it's been like to use- I waited to post the review until I had been using it for a couple of months, so that I could speak from experience.

As seen in the photo above, the bag comes with 2 handles attached as well as a removable shoulder strap. You can see the clasp for removing the strap in the photo below. To the right of that photo, you can see that the strap is also adjustable in length.

The 2 pockets at the front of the bag are quite roomy and there is a small,
flat zipper pocket at the back of the bag.

Camera Bag Pockets Jo Totes Missy by

The removable shoulder strap also comes with a shoulder pad. Seen below is the interior of the bag (without dividers). There are two flat, zipper pockets on the interior of the bag- one at the back and one at the front of the bag. There is also a padded laptop/tablet pocket at the back of the bag, with a Velcro strap to hold it closed.

Missy Bag by Jo Totes

This bag comes with five adjustable, padded dividers. They're all the same size, but three of them have extra Velcro on them, so that you can attach other dividers to them (as well as to the Velcro interior of the bag). This is illustrated in the photo below, on the right.

Jo Totes Camera Bag

I received a tip from another person who had purchased this bag. A similar camera bag company sells a large bag that comes with an extra long divider for the purpose of dividing the bottom of the bag from the top. You can create one of these dividers by attaching two of them as shown below. When the bottom area of your bag is filled with camera gear, place the long divider on top of that section and you create another area for other items on top- this would be great for travelling, or letting the bag double as an overnight bag!

(as you can see from the photo below, there is still quite a bit of room, above the dividers!)

Long Removable Padding for Jo Totes Bag

I also took a few photos of myself wearing the bag. One of the things that had me debating about whether to choose the Missy bag was the size of it. I wanted a larger bag, but I didn't want it to be "ridiculously large", so I searched the internet for photos of people wearing it, to try to make that decision. So, let me make it easier on some of you who may be doing the same thing!

In the left & right photos, I'm using the shoulder strap (you can also wear it cross-body, but I didn't snap a photo of that) and in the middle I'm using the attached handles, like a large purse.
If it helps you, I'm about 5'8". :)

Missy Bags

So, here are my thoughts about the bag:

It is big, but I don't think it's too big. I love all of the smaller pockets that it comes with- they're great for camera accessories (batteries, memory cards, lens cleaner, etc.) as well as my own accessories (lip gloss, keys, sunglasses, etc.) I also love the tablet pocket- even though I don't have my own tablet, or a small enough laptop to fit in it, I use it for papers/notebooks/books. It's great to have a flat spot to put things like that! I also love having all of the dividers. I don't usually use them all at once, because I like to create a large section to store my camera with the lens attached, but it's great to be able to create as many variations as I want! I've also used the bag for things that have nothing to do with photography- about a month ago, I was doing a presentation at a conference and needed to bring a whole bunch of photo books with me- this bag was large enough to fit them all, and I felt like they were safe because of the padding. I've also used it as an overnight bag with camera gear, wallet, and overnight stuff inside.

It really is a great multi-purpose bag, it looks great, and it is wearing really well so far! So, to be honest, I don't have much to say about it that isn't positive! The only thing I can come up with that I don't love about the bag is that the clasp that attaches the shoulder strap to the bag is a little difficult for me to open- I can do it for sure, but it seems to be really strong (and I'm pretty weak ;) It would be really cool if Jo Totes would create a long divider like the one I mentioned earlier in this post, to separate the top from the bottom when desired, but again, you CAN create one on your own with two of the regular dividers :)

So, overall, a truly excellent bag, and I'm really happy with it!

Jo Totes Missy Camera Bag
Jo Totes Missy Camera Bag

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Disclosure: Jo Totes provided this bag to me for review purposes. All opinions in this post are my own- I really do love their products!


  1. Really, really nice looking bag!

  2. I got the Missy Mint and I love it, but it does seem a bit heavy. I need to try it without my boys in tow, but I can't believe a couple diapers and a small container of wipes adds that much weight.

    1. Hey Cerise,
      Are you carrying a lot of camera gear in it at once?
      I imagine a lot of heavy gear would make a large bag like this pretty heavy.
      If I pack my smaller bags with a lot of gear, it's the same way, but with the Missy you have even more room! :)
      I have been told from someone who has both this bag & a similar sized one from another company, that this one is lighter.

  3. Hi Heather,
    Thanks for the review, I wanted to know if itis easy to clean. I love the color but worry that it is so light and will easily get dirty. I am going to use the bag for work and would like to keep it presentable as long as possible.

  4. Hi Heather,
    Thanks for the review,
    I wanted to ask if it is easy to clean? I love the color but am worried that it will get dirty easily. I will be using it for work and would like to keep it presentable as long as possible.

    1. I haven't even had to clean mine- it has stayed clean! But I don't think it would be hard to just wipe off with a wet cloth if you needed to!


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