Monday Moments

For this next quote, it helps to know that my husband is a PhD student.

Me (to Katrina) : You better go finish getting ready so we can take Dad to school.

Katrina: What does he even learn about anyway?

(We laugh because most people wonder the same thing. and because probably, in her mind, he already knows everything there is to know ;)


I know. It's not Monday. You get Monday Moments today because we were busy yesterday ;)

Monday was pretty awesome for us! :) We took a family trip to the hospital where Ken works and got a tour. We waited in an Ophthalmology Library while he did some work (we had it to ourselves- like our own personal study room, it was kinda cool ;)

Then Ken & his lab mates put on a good show for the girls with dry ice. :)

Next we took our travels to Build-A-Bear because the girls each had a bear whose back needed re-sewing. They really are great over there- the bears were stitched up and given little prescriptions for extra hugs and honey (carrots for Talia's bunny).

It was a really fun family day! :)

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  1. Thanks for sharing!! I am just starting daycare next week and have gotten great info.

    Mary Davis


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