A Different Way to Make Your Own Pinata!

For Talia's 7th Birthday we made a piñata.
Well, more like my husband made a piñata with the girls. I took some photos ;)

For some reason, Ken got frustrated with the strips of newspaper I had ripped (I forget the details- this was months ago), and instead decided to BLEND them up in the blender! They just mixed everything together in the blender to make a lumpy mixture which they then mushed against a balloon and let dry.

Well, I don't know if it was an improved way to make a piñata, but it worked! :)
We ended up with a rather bumpy piñata, but nobody seemed to mind!

Stay tuned for a future post with more details from Talia's Lalaloopsy Birthday Party,
to see how it turned out! :)

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  1. It's like he made a whole new balloon-shaped, fat piece of newspaper :) Weird, but glad it worked! I think the strips are supposed to add strength, but two thumbs up for creativity!

    1. haha I just asked him about it & he said he did it because the strips were taking forever :)

  2. Wow, that would've been way faster! lol I still remember taking several days to make my own birthday pinata when I was a kid. Never did that again lol


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