Take Better Photos With the Camera You Already Have- Tip #2: Natural Light

Several months ago I gave a workshop on how to take better pictures with the camera you have. (You don't necessarily need to go out & buy a better camera to improve your photos!) I thought it would be something worth sharing here, so I'm going to share it in parts. Each Friday I'll share another part. If you have any photography-related questions that you'd like to see me answer, feel free to leave them in the comments
(or e-mail me). Perhaps I could do a post on a subject you're curious about.

Tip #2: Natural Light

Natural Light Indoors
(Use window light!)

1. Position yourself between the window & your subject if you want to be able to see them (if your subject is between you & the window, they are likely to turn into a silhouette, or at least be very dark)

This is me, in the same spot in my kitchen.
The only thing that changed was the position of the photographer.

2. Let the light hit you & your subject from the side (side light can be really pretty & have a dramatic effect!)

3. If you don’t have good window light, you can “cheat” by opening a door just for the photo & letting it in! (if the temperature outside isn’t freezing ;) I’ve also been known to have my kids step out onto the porch for a photo because the light is better!

Natural Light Outside

1. Sun is high & bright- this light is tricky because it can cause dark shadows under eyes, and makes it hard for people to keep their eyes open! Trees overhead can make weird, speckled shadows on faces. Solid, open shade is your friend on a day like this!

2. Overcast- perfect day for photos! No bright sun to fight with- you can take pictures anywhere outside.

This photo was taken on an overcast day- no bright spots, no shadows- just nice, even light!

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I hope these tips will give you some helpful things to think of when you're taking pictures- if you can keep them in mind, you will be able to get better natural light photos- outside OR inside!

Each Friday I'll share another photography tip. If you have any photography-related questions that you'd like to see me answer, feel free to leave them in the comments- perhaps I could do a future post on a subject you're curious about.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I am sharing this information with my teen wanna-be photographer :)

  2. Wow! What a fantastic series! So glad I have popped by your blog today :) You are a talented photographer! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Great tips on using natural light to your benefit. I really struggle with this. Now if it was only overcast every time I need to take a picture outdoors!


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