Happy Monday :)

Happy Monday!

How are you all doing with your holiday preparations?

I have felt pretty good about things and like I have all my plans in place and things are coming together nicely. This is not the norm. Actually, this morning felt a lot more like "the norm", to me.

I woke up at an okay time and helped Talia get ready for school. Katrina slept in which is unusual for her, but the poor girl has been fighting a cold that just won't totally go away for like a month! So, I let her sleep as long as I could. When she first woke up, I didn't think she was going to make it to school but as the morning went on, she seemed to be okay and wanted to go. So, I got her all ready (knowing we would miss the bus), and planned to drive them to school on time (Talia really wanted to be there on time for something special that was happening after morning announcements).

Well, we were all set to go, and all I had to do was put Katrina's mittens on (which I had washed last night so that they'd be dry this morning). Turns out the mitts were still damp inside, so I ran downstairs to throw them in the dryer, slipping and damaging my foot somehow on my way down the stairs!

We managed to get to school and walk in the door just as Oh Canada had started playing. I got the girls to their classes before announcements started & didn't even have to sign them in late- *phew*!

Then I drove to the post office to mail some Christmas cards. The people there wouldn't have known that I was still wearing my pajama top under my coat, but it would have been very clear that I rolled out of bed, threw my hair in a pony tail and had zero makeup on. Not to mention the morning breath if I stood too close to anyone!

So, that was the start of my week- how's yours going? ;)


Oh, and P.S. If your name is Jenna, you might want to check your email- it's a very happy Monday morning for you because you won my Wishlist Giveaway!! :)

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