Jo Totes Abby Camera Bag Review & Giveaway

I have a giveaway going on, on the blog right now! It's my Christmas Wish List Giveaway and it includes a Jo Totes Abby bag in Mint! The bag arrived at my house yesterday, so I took a few photos with it so that I could post a review of it for you. After you see this, you are going to want to get right over to that giveaway post and enter before you lose your chance to win it!

I love the mint colour that this bag comes in- it's the same colour I have the Jo Totes Missy bag in! This bag also comes in lilac (I'm kind of obsessed with that colour, too!) and black.

The Abby is a smaller bag, and it would be awesome for use as a purse that you can throw your camera into (and know that it's nice and safe!)

This bag comes with two handle options- a smaller handbag sized handle, and a longer adjustable shoulder strap with a shoulder pad (as shown below). The handles are easy to switch with the clasp shown below.

The hardware on this bag is brass- all zippers are brass with a matching handle except for the two at the front of the bag which have mint-coloured handles to match the bag (as shown below). The main zipper for the bag is shown below sort of "sticking out" of the top of the bag, but it can also be tucked inside.

The zipper on the flap pocket is brass to match the hardware and the rest of the zippers are mint to match the bag.

There is an adjustable "belt" at the sides of the bag that matches the rest of the hardware. The front flap of the bag is really neat because it doubles as a pocket- in the top, left photo in the collage below, my thumb is pointing to the bottom of the pocket (it doesn't go all the way down- as you can see in the top, right photo that shows the interior of the pocket).

The back of the bag has THREE pockets- one at the top (with no zipper) and two zippered pockets. All of these pockets go all the way to the bottom of the bag. (No shortage of pockets for this bag!!)

The Abby bag comes with 3 removable, adjustable dividers. I tried it with two dividers in the top, right photo in the collage below. The bag will comfortably hold a Canon Rebel with a 50mm lens attached and an extra lens and a flash in the other sections of the bag. You can see that there is lots of room around the lens, so you could stick a wallet or something else in there with it as well.

I also tried it with one divider and could fit my Canon 5D (a much larger camera) with a 28-75mm lens attached in the larger section, and an extra lens in the smaller section (you could store a flash instead, or use the smaller section for your wallet or other purse items). You would probably have even more room if you didn't have as bulky a camera strap as I have on there ;) Because this bag is not as deep as the Missy, Millie, or B-Hobo, I had to store my strap to the side of the camera instead of above it. (I could fit it above for the Rebel camera though).

I always like to see photos of the bag being worn because it gives me a better idea of the size of the bag. Here I am, wearing it with the purse handle:

Now, get over to that Jo Totes Giveaway and enter for your chance to win this bag along with a bunch of other great prizes!

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Disclosure: I was sent this bag for giveaway purposes and was not compensated for this review. I think Jo Totes' bags are awesome and I wanted to share it with you- that's why I posted the review! (This bag will be sent to the winner of the Wish List giveaway)

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  1. I love all their camera bags! I've got a few on my wishlist. They just look so pretty, and the quality looks outstanding! :)

    1. They really are great bags! I have had a chance to try out a few of them & have not been disappointed!

  2. This was soooo Helpful! I've been going back and forth between the Missy style and Abby. This pictures look like they have gold hardware which I don't like. But seeing the brass finish on this is perfection! I will be purchasing one or two of these soon!

    1. Thanks Molly, I'm so glad it was helpful to you! :) I'll be posting another Jo Totes bag review soon! :) I'm sure you will love your new camera bag! :)


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