Thoughts: Babies & Bathrooms

This week, a niece of mine was born! I was on the road, hoping to make it in time to photograph the birth when I got the call that the baby was born. Sad that I didn't make it in time for the birth, but it was so nice to drive down yesterday as a family, to see her!

My sister in law grabbed my camera and got a photo of me holding baby Lydia. It is rare that I get photos of myself, so I was happy to have these!

It was lovely to visit with their family and to meet their adorable baby girl. I am always amazed when I hold an average sized baby because mine were so big! (That and my baby is now 40 lbs ;) This little girl felt sooo tiny!

Today is Katrina's last day of school and tomorrow is Talia's. We are getting ready for the holidays. Just to throw things off a little though, tomorrow and Friday we'll be having our bathroom ripped apart. I look forward to how it will be when it's all over, but I expect the next couple of days to be a bit crazy with guys going in and out of our bathroom and being unable to use the tub/shower.

Oh, and in other baby news, I am so excited to have booked a flight to go and see my sister in Utah just after her baby is expected to arrive in February! I cannot wait to see her, my brother in law, and their 2 (then 3) girls!

One more piece of news that's kind of crazy- on Monday morning I'm going to be interviewed by several radio stations across Canada! How crazy is that? So, exciting things are happening!

I hope you're all having a great week!

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