Tutorial- DIY Felt Christmas Tree Toy

Hey Everyone, please welcome Trisha from Naptime Rumination!
This is her first visit to the blog, and I'm excited to have her! She's sharing an adorable craft that you can make for your kids- a fun toy & decoration in one! :)


Hi! I'm Trisha Millward and my blog is called Naptime Rumination.
I'm a stay-at-home mom with one little rambunctious boy who will soon be two. I use the power of naptime to get things done!
This might be trying a new recipe, painting or crafting, or teaching myself to sew. I love sharing the projects and ideas I have with others.

I've seen several different ideas for felt Christmas trees for toddlers on Pinterest. Some were flat and hang on the wall and some were cone-shaped. I decided to make a small cone-shaped felt tree for my son. He is all about 'kima tees' right now, so I thought he would really enjoy having his small tree to play with and decorate as many times as he wants. Hopefully, it will help him keep his fiddle-fingers off the real Christmas tree. We'll see whether that theory holds up!

Cut 6 pieces of cardboard in this shape.
Using a hot glue gun, glue the six triangles together by placing glue on the edges marked in green.
Using the base of the tree, trace a hexagon on a piece of cardboard and cut it out. Cover it with green felt.

Now you need to cut a piece of green felt to the size of your tree. I simply grabbed the felt and wrapped it around the tree and cut off the excess. My next step was to sew buttons and velcro to the felt in random spots. This is how the ornaments will be attached. After you have completed this step, hot glue the felt to the tree and glue the tree to the hexagon base. Tada! A 'kima tee'!

These ornaments have a ribbon loop that hangs on the buttons.

These ornaments have velcro to attach to the tree.

The star is like a little cap that sits on top of the tree and can be removed as well.

I gave this to my son on Thanksgiving day and he has decorated and undecorated it several times every day since!

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