A Trip to the Farm and a Dream Come True!

Two years ago we went to visit a friend's farm. (I blogged about it here) We were able to go back a second time that year when my sister and her girls visited. Sadly we missed going last year and this year a trip to the farm was right at the top of the girls' summer bucket list, so I'm very happy that we made it happen last week!

We arrived, drove up their long driveway and rounded the corner to a beautiful view that made me feel like I was on vacation because it was so relaxing!

Soon the girls were having the time of their lives, jumping on the trampoline.  Talia exclaimed, "It's been YEARS since I've been on a trampoline!" :)

Next we visited the goats, donkeys, and miniature horses.  One of their goats has become quite famous after an incident they caught on camera inside of their house!

After our last visit, we knew that there was a rule that you should be 8 years old in order to ride a horse (Talia heard that and never forgot it).  So Katrina was surprised and excited when she found out she could ride this miniature horse (at age 5!).

A small girl on a small horse ;)

After the little horse ride, the girls spent some more time with the miniature horses, donkeys and goats. They brushed their hair and fed them grass and thoroughly enjoyed them. I was amazed by how comfortable they were around the animals!

Then they each got to take one of the miniature horses for a "walk" and they had so much fun!  It was the craziest thing to see the girls so comfortable with the horses and the horses so content to be with the girls.. it was like watching a child walk a dog, except they were horses!  So cool and what a beautiful place.. I couldn't stop smiling while watching them!

I was especially surprised to see shy little Katrina (who was so nervous about that elephant ride at the circus) so confident with that little horse!

After playing for quite a while with the horses, the girls gave them some water and in the photo below, Katrina's giving one a mint.  Then we went inside to have a drink, rest, and the girls had fun playing with the cats.

I cannot blog this event without telling you that Talia's dream came true on this day!  She has been talking about riding a horse when she's 8 for a good two years and it was as if she practised in her dreams because she was so ready for this moment!

Later we visited with the cows and the girls fed them tons of hay. :)

What a wonderful day filled with special memories!

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