An Update & A Book Review: How Do I Know?

*Phew!* You guys, I have had a BUSY week, and it has largely been because of this blog. Lots of exciting things seem to be happening lately with the blog. This week something really cool happened that has never happened to me before (at least not to this extent) and that is that one of my posts from last year has become really popular in the last few days. It has been getting shared across facebook and it's so exciting! I started this blog to share ideas and information with other parents, so it's really fulfilling to be able to see that something I post is useful to other people.

If you want to check the post out (or share it or pin it ;), please do!
It's my list of 100 Non-Toy Gift Ideas. Click Here to check it out!

I also co-hosted my first twitter party which was a really neat experience and I'm excited to have another one coming up, too! If you've never attended a twitter party, you should definitely give it a try! All it takes is one twitter party and you should have a good idea of how they work. If you have any questions about them, let me know in the comments or send me a message on my contact page, and I'd be happy to fill you in!

Today I'll be on a little day trip doing something fun with some other bloggers that I'll fill you in on soon. It will be the second time I've had a chance to meet some other bloggers "in real life" (you can read about the first time here if you're interested).

So, those are a few of the fun things that have been going on and I'll have more to share as time goes on!


Today I have the opportunity to share another new book published by Deseret Book called How Do I Know If I Know?, written by John Bytheway (a favourite speaker of mine), and I'll warn you that I'm about to get religious here ;)

When it comes to testimony, I have always been the kind of person who just always believed in the gospel. I didn't have a big "a-ha moment" or a pivotal spiritual experience that marked the moment that I gained a testimony of my Church. I always just felt that it was true. I've certainly had questions along the way, and I've continued to study and learn and grow when it comes to my knowledge and understanding of the gospel. There have been times when I have wondered if I should be trying to achieve this monumental moment of spiritual revelation that would cement my testimony and give me that story to tell of the moment when I acquired a testimony.. but I have learned that that is not always the way things work! For me, I have learned over and over, through experience, that the things I believe are true. I often think of the scriptures in the Book of Mormon in Alma 32, that talk about "experimenting upon the word". As I have lived it, I have seen the results of living it, and that reinforces my belief.

So because of these things, I was excited to see that John Bytheway had published this book for youth that asks questions like "Is my testimony strong enough?" and "How do I know if I really have a testimony?". In the book, he uses the acronym "F.E.E.L." to discuss how we feel the truthfulness of the gospel through feelings, experiences, evidences we encounter, and logical conclusions of how a loving God interacts with His children on the earth.
Just like turning up a dimmer switch, understanding the ways we F.E.E.L. a testimony will help to make it brighter.
I love John Bytheway's style.  his approach to explaining spiritual things is both easy to understand and entertaining.  Perfect for youth, and perfect for me!  This is a great addition to his list of books and talks and I'm glad he wrote it!

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  1. I love John Bytheway! He was the speaker of choice when I was growing up. We listened to a lot of his talks on tape whenever we'd travel. He's definitely the right mix of humorous and spiritual. I'm so glad that you got to read another one of his great books!

    1. Me too! We have several of his talks on tape/CD (depending on when they were purchased- ha!) and I've always liked his style :)


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