Elsa Hair

Yesterday the girls wanted "Frozen Hair".  Talia wanted "Anna Hair" and Katrina wanted "Elsa Hair".

I'm so happy I worked on my french braiding skills when Talia was younger
(I'm lucky she had such long, straight hair!) because this wasn't a difficult wish to fulfill ;)

Once you've got french braiding down, you can get a little bit more creative with how and where you place them on the head.  (Here's a little inspiration for braiding variations, no matter what skill level you're at- it's fun to look at how young my kids were in some of those pictures!).

For Talia I did two regular braids (but by that time, we had run out of time for pictures and had to hurry to the bus stop!) and for Katrina, I did this wrap-around side-braid and was really happy with it!

How to do an Elsa braid

I have learned that her hair will NOT stay in a braid by itself very well (it slips right out and has more short pieces than Talia's hair has), so I sprayed it well with hair spray.  We have some sparkly hair spray left over from Halloween, so that is a favourite with the girls, especially when trying to channel a Disney princess/queen!!

Do you have Frozen fans at your house?

We have a Frozen birthday party coming up for my new 6 year old and I'll have lots of photos of our party and preparation to share with you in the new year! :)

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  1. I love your Elsa-inspired braid, and I'm sure your daughter is in heaven. So adorable!

  2. What a cute braid (and sparkley hair-spray is *awesome*!) Love how we can get more creative than the "simple" french one. :)

  3. What a cute braid! I always wanted super cool braids but my mom couldn't braid so my dad did it for me. Just a simple braid for me ;)

  4. I'm sure your little Elsa was delighted with her 'do. I really need to brush up on my braiding skills.

  5. Wow! You have your braiding down. It looks great. I have never learned how to french braid so my oldest has to braid my younger daughters hair.

  6. This Elsa inspired braid would look so cute on my niece. I like the way it looks and how adorable it looks! I have Frozen fans at my house!

  7. I have a niece that would love to have her hair braided like Elsas. She is a huge fan of Frozen. The pictures are great.

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