Winter Photography on a Sparkly Snow Day

One morning last week, we woke up to a Winter Wonderland! Ken said something to me first thing in the morning about looking outside (but at the time I was still lying in bed, too tired to move!) I got busy with the morning and didn't really pay attention to what it looked like outside until I rounded our first corner on the way to the bus stop and I stopped for a moment when I took in the sparkly, snow-coated wonderland before me! I knew I had to get back outside with my camera after the girls headed to school and that's just what I did!

I love the way the snow just sparkled in the sun.  There was a small amount of snow gently falling through the sky as I walked and it literally looked like glitter softly falling around me- it was beautiful!

I found a little evidence of Autumn...

As I stood under this tree to get this shot, a neighbour walked by and told me she was planning to get her camera, too!

Love these snow-coated berries... the contrast of the red berries against the white background and snow around them just appeals to me :)

This is what I saw when I rounded that first corner- tons of trees that looked like this!  It was so beautiful the way the snow seemed to just cling to everything!

A shot through the chicken wire around our community garden:

I love the sunburst between the tree trunks in this photo.  The forest was breathtaking!

This shot of some neighbourhood mailboxes just shows how the snow was sticking to everything and creating patterns on some things.  It's kind of unusual for it to do that- it must've been something about the temperature combined with the snowfall.

I like the colour in this shot of the fire hydrant :)

Some fluffy snow on branches:

....and sparkly snow on our car :)

I hope you enjoyed these photos- I loved getting out to take them and then getting them on my computer to look through!

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  1. These pictures really capture winters beauty! Stunning shots!

  2. The photos of the branches (the one with the snow in the background) is stunning. You did an amazing job on these photos Heather Lynne!

  3. Beautiful shots! Thanks for reminding me that there are so many more colors of winter aside from just white, white, and more white.

  4. Wow, such beautiful shots. The only beauty of winter is in the photos.

    1. haha are you saying you don't enjoy the cold? ;) Neither do I!

  5. Beautiful photos, love the fence one! As much as I absolutely hate the winter months, it can be so pretty at times.

  6. These are beautiful photographs. Pictures can remind us of the precious little details of God's handiwork that we can often miss. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Sooooo pretty!!! Makes me miss the snow in Utah!

  8. These photos are beautiful Heather! You have a gift for sure. Anyone of these is frame worthy..

  9. Stunning shots! I especially like the sunburst through the trees in the snow.

  10. Gorgeous photos, I especially like the one with the sun peeking through the trees. I'm not a winter person and don't like snow, except in such wonderful photos. :-)

  11. Snow makes things look so different and cool.


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