Loving An Organized Fridge!

As you know, we've been using Frigidaire's new Gallery® Custom-Flex™ Refrigerator. I've already posted about each of the unique features that it comes with and now that we've had it for a couple of months, I wanted to tell you about our absolute favourite parts and why we love our fridge. It really all comes down to how easy it is to organize this fridge!

Custom-Flex™ Door

This is definitely my favourite part of the fridge. We actually haven't rearranged the door since my post about organization for school lunches because it has been working really well for us! Our fridge door actually still looks just as organized as it did when I took this photo for that post!  I do think that we will rearrange soon because we don't always keep pop cans in our fridge, so when we get through the ones we have on hand, I'll probably switch that bin for something else. I'm excited to experiment with some of the other bin shapes and sizes!

I consulted with Ken before writing this post so that I could get his opinions too. We wanted to mention that we really like that the bins for the fridge door don't have any gaps or open spaces in the bottom or front of them. Our old fridge did have an opening, so smaller items would slip out of the front of the bin when you opened or closed the fridge! These new bins also have clear fronts so that although everything is contained, you can still clearly see what is stored in each bin.


I haven't touched on the freezer in any of my posts before today but I wanted to make sure I did because it's one of my favourite features. Our previous fridge had a top freezer as well, but it was totally open (without a shelf). I love having that shelf! It is adjustable as well and it makes organizing the freezer so much easier! I got a couple of white plastic bins at the dollar store and labelled them with a dry-erase marker (in case I want to change their purpose in the future). I LOVE this system because everyone knows where to put the frozen fruit and veggies and everything doesn't get mixed up (like it used to)!

The freezer door probably looks pretty normal in the photo, but it has also made quite a difference for us because it is much deeper than our old one. I wish we had a large, rectangular tub of ice cream when I took this photo because those things can fit right in the freezer door! (That never would have worked in our old freezer).

Organization For The Win!

I am noticing in all areas of my life and household that when things are organized, I just feel better. My mind feels clearer when there is less clutter to look at. I feel happier about what I have in my home when I know where things are and I know that the things I do have, have a purpose. This has proved true with this new fridge for sure! It has made it so much easier to have an organized fridge and it actually makes me feel happy to open the fridge and look at its contents when it's organized.

You can learn more about the Frigidaire Gallery® Custom-Flex™ Fridge on their website.  There are a bunch of photos and other information about the fridge and its features there.

Disclosure: I am part of the Frigidaire® Canada Ambassador program with Influence Canada and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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  1. Love that holder for pop cans right on the door! What a great idea.

  2. I would love my fridge/freezer to look like this. This gives me inspiration, thanks!

  3. That is fabulous! I too totally need that coke can holder on the side of my door, lol! There is so much wasted space on my fridge door because the shelves hardly fit the contents that we want to put there. I am entirely suggesting this fridge to TheHubs once he finally agrees that we need a new fridge! ;)

  4. I'm always organizing my fridge.....but then jr. and sr. undo all my work. Ahhhh the struggles. lol

  5. My new fridge has adjustable shelves in the door too - they're wonderful! They're not see-through like yours though. Being able to see through them would definitely be an advantage. Frigidaire's Gallery® Custom-Flex™ Refrigerator seems like a great fridge.


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