Practicing for Heaven; The Parable of the Piano

If you like reading my book reviews (which tend to be religious books more often than not), then you may remember when I posted about Brad Wilcox's The Continuous Conversion which was a second book to go with his book, The Continuous Atonement.  I like listening to Brad Wilcox (he was a motivational speaker for youth back when I was going to youth conferences, so I get excited when he comes out with books)!  Anyway, he has come out with a new book called The Continuous Atonement for teens as well as a children's book called Practicing for Heaven; The Parable of the Piano Lessons.

I jump at the chance to review children's books that are published by Deseret Book because they are always beautiful.  The artwork in this one (by Brian Call) is gorgeous, the story about practising the piano is totally relatable (especially for my girls who are taking piano lessons), and it teaches a very important lesson about life and the atonement and how we don't need to be perfect; we just have to keep trying!


I think it's great that Brad has thought to get the message in his first book out to younger people too. He is doing that with the children's book and he's doing it with his book for teens, too.  It teaches the same ideas and concepts as the first book, but it does so while explaining terms and expressions in detail so that they are easier to understand.  It's important for teens to understand the atonement and how to apply it in their lives and that's the goal of the book.

Each chapter of the book also has a "Prepare to Teach" section at the end that helps the reader to think about how they could teach others about what they have read and what they are learning about the topics in the book. This would be great for teenagers who are preparing to serve missions or who want to feel comfortable sharing more about their religion and what they believe, with their friends or family.

The Continuous Atonement for teens is printed in paperback with 176 pages.
Practicing for Heaven is a 10.5 x 9" hardback book, 32 pages long.

Disclosure: I was provided a copy of the book mentioned above, for review purposes. All opinions shared are my own.

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