Travelling to Ottawa with Kids - Canadian Museum of Nature

The second museum we were able to see while we were in Ottawa and Quebec was the Canadian Museum of Nature. We were impressed right away when we walked in and the first area we looked at was all about dinosaurs.  They had a lot of dinosaur skeletons on display.  This one was Katrina's favourite:

The girls walked through this area with a lot of interest, reading the information on signs, trying things out (there were lots of hands-on things to do).  In the photo below, they were comparing two dinosaur bones to determine which was real and which was a replica.

Travelling to Ottawa with Kids - Canadian Museum of History

When I was in high school, my History class went on a trip to Ottawa.  I have photos from that trip and memories from some of the places that we visited while there. One thing that I remember taking a photo of was the ceiling in a museum. I could remember what it looked like, but I didn't remember which museum it was. When we returned to Ottawa as a family and were walking through the Canadian Museum of History, I looked up and saw that ceiling!  Here's Katrina's face when she saw it :)

I love the ability to re-experience something through the eyes of my children!  What I was too old to experience then (I'm not sure if it was there then or not!) but was able to experience this time with my kids, was a very cool Children's Museum within the museum!

A Fun Family Escape (Brookstreet Hotel in Ottawa)

Last weekend our family went away for a few days to Ottawa and Montreal. We were looking for a family-friendly hotel to stay in while we were in Ottawa and we found just the place. We stayed in a Junior Suite at the Brookstreet Hotel and it was just right for our family getaway!

The photo above is of the girls sitting in the foyer of the hotel, happy with their little Brookstreet Hotel drink bottles.  When you book the "B Family Getaway Package", your kids get a little welcome backpack with drink bottles that can be refilled at their restaurants with milk, water, juices, or soft drinks anytime during your stay, as many times as you want- our girls thought this was great!

Let's Get Kids Reading - The Awesome Project!

Reading has always been big with our family.  We read a lot throughout a typical day!  We read scriptures in the morning at breakfast, the girls read to us after school for their "Home Reading" program, and one of us reads a story to them at night.  We also love to visit the library!  That has always been a fun activity that I like to do with my kids. We love to choose books to read together whether just for entertainment or for learning. I think reading together is a huge part of teaching your children how to learn!

I found this picture from a few years ago- they're such munchkins! It's so fun when one can read to the other. :)

It is so exciting to teach them about letters and sounds and then to move on to sounding out words and then (seemingly all of a sudden), they are really reading! Talia has been reading well for quite a while and over the past year or so, I have been amazed to watch Katrina become a very proficient reader.  It's so cool to see them grow in that way!

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Girls Who Choose God

Today I want to share a religious children's book with you that is kind of like a sequel to one that I shared last year. Deseret Book has published a new book called Girls Who Choose God: Stories of Strong Women from the Book of Mormon (similar to the Girls Who Choose God: Stories of Courageous Women From the Bible that I posted about last year).

This book is very much like the one that was published last year- it is also written by Krishna McArthur and Bethany Brady Spalding with artwork by Kathleen Peterson.  If you're a member The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, you will appreciate that there is now both a Bible version and Book of Mormon version.