How to Surprise Your Kids on Christmas with a Trip to Disney World!

If you're looking for surprise Disney trip reveal ideas, especially if it's a Christmas Disney trip reveal,  I've got you covered!  

I have dreamed for a long time about being able to take our girls to Disney World.  I sometimes wondered if we would ever be able to do it!

In November we made the decision to go for it and plan a trip to Florida to take our girls to Disney World! We kept it a secret until Christmas morning, thinking about all of the different Disney World surprise ideas for ways we could break the news.  It was really fun to think about all of the different possibilities!

Surprising Your Kids with a Trip to Disney

In the end, we came up with a fun way to give them a series of little gifts to open that would answer questions.  I took pictures so I could show you how we did it. :)

Disney Trip Reveal Ideas - 6 Questions Gifts

We wrapped up 6 presents and envelopes and labelled each with a question (which would be answered upon opening the gift or envelope).  We put little numbers on each, so that they would open them in the right order.  I didn't want them to figure it out before the last gift, but I did want them to get excited with each question's answer! :)

Disney Surprise Ideas for Christmas

All we told them was that we had a surprise gift for them and that they'd have to open these little gifts to find out about it.


The first question was "What?" and we just had a simple 3x5 card inside of an envelope that told them we were going on a family trip.

Creative Disney Trip Reveal Gift Idea


We wanted to answer all of the question-word questions, so we included"Why?", which was another 3x5 card in an envelope, that just said, "Because we LOVE You!"

Who What Where When Why Christmas Gift Disney Reveal


The "Who?" question got one of the best reactions.  Ken's cousin lives in Texas and has two girls the same ages as ours (and a little boy that we haven't met yet!).

Disney Trip Reveal Christmas

We visited them in Texas when Katrina was a baby and again a few years ago, so the girls were excited to find out that whatever we were doing, we'd be seeing them again!  For this one, I drew little stick-person families on a paper inside of a larger envelope.

Disney Trip Surprise Gift Reveal Idea


"How?" was our first wrapped gift.  Inside the box were a note that told them we'd be driving there,  a couple of activity books to keep them busy in the car, and two Disney neck pillows (for when they fall asleep in the car!).  At this point, they probably thought we'd be driving to Texas ;)

Creative Surprise Disney Trip Clues


We gave each of the girls a Disney calendar for "When?".  When they had a look inside the calendar, they could find the date that we'd be leaving on our trip.

Revealing when your Disney Trip will be


"Where?" was of course the most exciting question for us to answer, and for that we had a box for each girl to open.

Disney Surprise Ideas

Inside were a few Disney things, but the contents was covered by tissue paper and a note that told them exactly where we'd be headed!

Creative Way to Reveal a Surprise Disney Trip

I made the girls these T-Shirts to take with us and had them inside the box with matching Minnie Ear headbands.  It's so fun that the secret is out now, and we can all get excited as we near our trip!  We've had a lot of snow recently, so I can't wait to drive to warmer weather!

Surprise Disney Trip Reveal on Christmas Morning

We'll be sharing more about our trip when the time comes, so stay tuned for some fun!

If you liked this "Disney Trip Reveal" idea, go ahead and pin it so you can remember it when the time comes that you want to use it! :)

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  1. This is such an adorable idea!! I am totally going to do it next year!!

  2. This is so awesome, what a great idea on how to give them all the details and play the game! I would have been just as excited as a parent waiting for them to open!!

  3. That's a great idea and if we ever are able to go to Disney World I am definitely using it!

  4. I love all the questions you answered. The shirts and ears are so cute!

  5. I love the game you devised. So fun! I always give in and share my secret way before I can do anything like this. I suck at keeping secrets from my kids I think. LOL. One day I will be able to stifle my impulsivity and do something great like this to surprise them.

    1. haha :) I'm glad we didn't surprise them the morning we were leaving or anything though, because it was fun to make plans with them involved in the process :)

  6. This is so adorable and creative! Love it and hope I will one day be able to do the same.

  7. My dream is to surprise my son with a trip to Disney - what a fun surprise to plan! I love how you added the questions, very original!

  8. YAY! You must be on route or just arriving! I cannot wait to hear all about i! Have the most magically of times.

  9. Love these ideas! We just decided to go next Feb and I think we're going to do something similar to tell little man :)

  10. Love this idea! Where did you find the princess card to put in the box?

    1. Thank you! We put it together in Photoshop & printed it at home.

  11. We are doing this idea this Christmas but a little different. We are also turning it into a scavenger hunt around the neighborhood so it’s a game too.

  12. Love this idea and I plan to use it this year! Would you share the final printable or where you found it? Thanks.

    1. Thank you! My husband put together the little announcement printable but I don't have a copy of it to share unfortunately!

  13. No problem. Just thought I'd ask:-)

  14. This is a great idea! We want to tell our kids before Christmas, so they can help plan the Fast Passes, so we have modified it a bit.
    The day we decorate for Christmas, the gifts will magically show up under the tree (ages 9, 11 and 13).
    Here is how we plan to modify based on our personal travel:
    Early Christmas gift
    Because we love you and want to plan this together - we are also add a special note around what we love about each of them
    stick figures of the 5 of us
    We'll fly there ( giving them each a luggage tag)
    calendars marking the dates
    we are wrapping 3 gifts (one for each) and including their mouse ears. Each one will say something different about the "what":
    Disney World
    Universal Studios
    Staying at DisneyWorld and Universal Studios hotel in Florida

    Thanks so much for this GREAT idea!

  15. I love it! We are surprising our kids this Christmas and this look like it will be the perfect way to do it. Reading this made me cry....I am so excited to make these memories with our kids.

  16. I love this idea, totally using this to surprise my girls. Please tell me how did you get those cards that says “we are going to Disney”. Also did you have gifts inside these girls boxes related to the trip?

    1. If you read the text of the blog post, it explains what was inside of each box & includes photos of the items. We printed the "we are going to Disney" announcement. It's been a few years, but I believe my husband created the image that was printed.


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