Easter Treat Box (Real Meaning of Easter)

I have another Easter printable for you today!  At first glance, it looks like a cute little treat box, but the little designs on it actually symbolize the true meaning of Easter. I love that Melissa Esplin put such thought into the design of this little box!  When you click the download link (below) you will also be able to see the explanation for what each of the designs on the box stands for.

Click Here to download a copy to print for yourself! :)

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  1. What cute boxes! I think my kids would love to open these up on Easter morning! Thanks for the download!

  2. Adorable boxes! These would be well loved by my grandchildren!

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  3. These boxes are adorable and love the designs.Thanks so much for posting this.The kids will really love them. :)

  4. I love the symbolism in this little box!


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