Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas!

We usually choose a theme to plan birthday parties around and for her 7th birthday, Katrina was set on a mermaid party!  She is a big fan of a movie called Barbie in a Mermaid Tale, so we started planning with an underwater theme! :)

First we set out to transform our living room to feel like we were underwater!  We twisted streamers and taped them to the wall with painter's tape to look like seaweed.  Ken found an aquarium YouTube video to play on our TV to add to the underwater feel.

This photo may not do it justice, but the ceiling was what made it really feel like we were under water!  We found sparkly blue tissue paper which we stuck to our ceiling with rolled painter's tape (and we let it hang down, so that it would seem like waves.  We also hung blue and white balloons from the ceiling (we were going for the bubbley feel). :)

As the party guests arrived, big sister was busy creating these balloon mermaid tails for each of the guests! I don't know how she came up with these- they weren't even in the plans for the party, but they were a great touch! :)

(Yes, you do see a Christmas tree.  It's taken me a while to get around to this post! ;)

While they waited for the rest of the guests to arrive, we had Mermaid colouring pages ready for the girls to colour.  You'll notice the girls' face paint in the rest of the pictures because throughout the party, the girls' Grandma (who has made several appearances in our other party posts on the blog) was ready with her face paints, to make the girls feel like mermaids. :)

We found a Barbie Mermaid Memory card matching game at the dollar store for one of our party games.

We've found that decorate-your-own cupcake makes for a great party activity (and takes away the work of decorating a birthday cake when you need to be a little low-maintenance ;).  We had blue and pink frosting (I just added food colouring to the pre-made frosting you can buy at the store).  We also bought some purple and blue sparkly sprinkles.  They had a great time decorating!

I loved this party for several reasons:

1. It was a fun family activity to go out and gather supplies to decorate (and then to decorate together).
2. It was fairly simple party prep, so it wasn't a "high stress" experience at all!
3. It fulfilled all of my little 7 year old's hopes & dreams for a mermaid party! ;)

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  1. I love how you created a simple party prep. I'm finding birthday's are getting out of hand to the point where the parents are not enjoying the party with their family! Great job momma!

    1. Thanks Randa! Sometimes it's so fun to go all out prepping a party but sometimes you just have to take a step back and think about how to make it fun without spending too much time or getting too busy! :)

  2. Great idea with the tissue paper! I bet it really felt like an underwater world. I also really love the mermaid face paint the girls have on! This looked like a great mermaid party.

  3. Really nice! I love the balloon mermaid tails! Very creative!

  4. The thing I love the most is your use of the tissue paper. Brilliant. Even the simple streamers make it look like an underwater scene instead of a living room or kitchen. GREAT job on the face painting too!! Nice idea and I bet the girls LOVED it.

  5. I LOVE this!! My daughter would enjoy a Mermaid Birthday Party and these are great ideas. I love how reasonable this is too and not over the top, but still super fun for the kids :)

  6. Wow that face painting is awesome! And I love the "tails" you made. The decorations on the ceiling add a really nice touch and don't seem too hard to do. Thanks for all the great ideas!

  7. May you always stay grounded yet fly and party soar high to reach your dreams and ambitions. Happy Birthday!


  8. Pretty little girls. What can be better than a mermaid birthday party for these little beautiful princesses. Last month, I attended one of my friend's daughter sweet sixteen birthday party and it was a barbie themed party and all the little girls were wearing barbie dresses and were looking so beautiful.

  9. Such stunning mermaid birthday party it was! Everything is truly fabulous and these party ideas are really nice. My cousin is looking for such ideas for her daughter’s birthday bash that will be hosted at a garden event space. So I will surely share these cute inspirations with her.

  10. Debbie White BeattieNovember 12, 2017 at 5:02 AM

    All of this looks amazing and you did such a great job with this. My favourite is the ceiling because it looks awesome but the kids faces look awesome too.

  11. Lots of neat ideas and |I do love to have some fresh tips for my next party!


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