10 Ways to Soothe and Prevent Sore Feet at Theme Parks!

When we visited Disney World, we did a LOT of walking! My feet suffered and I had a hard time with it some of the days! I now know a few things that I would do differently (or avoid doing) next time, so I thought I'd share them with you in case you're preparing for a similar trip and would like to try and avoid having sore feet after Disney or something like it!

Tips for Soothing Sore Feet after Theme Park

1. Wear Good Walking Shoes

You'll want to make sure you have comfortable shoes with you. You can find advice online about the best shoes for Disneyland or the best walking shoes for sore feet but unless you have time for breaking in shoes before your trip I suggest you don't bring new shoes (if you haven't "worn them in", they could give you blisters!). Bring something tried and true.

2. Moisture Wicking Socks

The best socks for walking are socks that are made for sports and for sweaty feet. Look for something that's moisture wicking. I had a mixture of moisture wicking and regular socks and I noticed a big difference on the day that I didn't wear moisture wicking socks! It can mean avoiding blisters- totally worthwhile!

3. Change your Footwear

If you're going to be heading back to the park several days in a row like we did, you might want to consider bringing a second pair of shoes or even sandals. I have found that just changing the shape of my shoes gives my feet a refresh! It gives them a break from rubbing in the same places. I wore flip flops one day after my feet had gotten particularly sore and it was nice to let my feet "breathe"! Switching shoes partway through the day is also a good idea.

4. Soak Sore Feet

When you head back to your hotel/resort/rental home at the end of the day, take some time to fill the tub and soak your feet! If nothing else, it certainly will soothe your tired, aching feet!  If you have some on hand, you can add some epsom salt for foot pain relief.

5. Foot Rub

If your husband/partner/child/friend is up for it, a foot rub can do wonders for sore foot and leg muscles. I highly recommend a massage at the end of a long day- maybe you could take turns if you're both suffering!

6. Band-aids

If you've done all you can to avoid it, but you've ended up with a blister and you've got another day of theme park-ing ahead of you, put a band-aid over your blister to prevent rubbing! If you're still in the prevention/preparation stage, definitely pack a few band-aids into your backpack or purse to take with you to the park in case of need!

7. Mid-Day Break

When we went to Disney, we did not take it easy. We spent long, full days at the park with no breaks throughout the days. If I were going back, I might do that differently. I cannot tell you how excited I got when we could schedule a show into our day (because that meant I could sit down!). If you're staying near the park, consider taking a mid-day break- heading "home" for a little while to take a load off and then head back to the park refreshed and ready to go again!

8. Break Between Days

If your vacation schedule allows, I highly recommend scheduling some "down days" into your week(s). If you can spend a day lounging by the pool between theme park days, I think your feet will thank you!

9. No Pedicure

My mom and I made plans to get pedicures together for a special occasion and decided to schedule them shortly before my trip to Florida (where my toes would actually be showing). This may have been my downfall. As great as the pedicure was, I know that a pedicure can leave you without callouses (which is great.. unless you're going to be walking for hours on end for a week). I've seen recommended that you give yourself at least 2 weeks between your last pedicure and your trip to a theme park.

10. Take the Trains & Trams

When you arrive at Disney World, you can take a tram from your parking spot to the park entrance or you can walk. You can also take a train from one part of the park to another. If you're concerned about saving your feet and your plan for the day involves getting from one end of the park to another (or you're parked far from the entrance), be sure to take advantage of those transportation options!

If you're planning your trip to a theme park,
I hope these tips will help you to save your feet! :) 

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  1. Great tips! I also use insoles which offer some cushion if you're doing a lot of walking.

    1. That's a great tip, too! I hadn't thought of that one. Thanks!

  2. I also think not buying brand new shoes before you go is a good idea too. You want them broken in ;)

  3. And if you get blisters, the specific Blister Bandaids are amazing! They cushion and protect and can eliminate all or most of the pain.

    1. I've never tried those- that's a good tip, too! I'll remember that if we do another set of themepark days someday! :)

  4. Not a bad tip regarding the pedicure. I once had an aggressive pedicure and the sloughing off of the skin was maybe too much right before travel because my one foot felt tender for several days so now I am conscious of that before I travel. Also honestly you need to wear really good runners for the Disney Parks because your feet will be tired. There's so much walking. Once when I was a daily reporter I felt down to Disney with a Sunshine Foundation trip of children and did the park in a day while working and taking pictures and interviewing people are running after the kids and their caregivers. I was done by 8 that night. I was spent and my feet hurt so much. We literally speed ran from one end of the park to the other the entire day. It was nuts.

    1. I agree about the runners. I wore the best ones I had, but that didn't even prevent the soreness (but I had had a pedicure, so that could be the main reason for my pain ;) That sounds like such an exhausting day! (bet it was fun too though ;)

  5. Your pedicure suggestion is pretty genius! I would not have thought that lack of callouses = sore feet after long days on your feet. I will keep this in mind the next time I will be walking about for hours!

    1. I wish I had thought of this before we went!! :) I definitely won't make that mistake again!! :)

  6. Great tips! We actually took a day off when at Disney because my feet were killing me

    1. Good to know I'm not alone! We had a day off too- I was so exhausted! I think we had a total of 6 park days, so I really could've used at least another day off! ;)

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