Staying Safe in the Sun with Cabana Life Swimwear

This is the story of how Cabana Life Swimwear gave me the freedom to be in the sun more!

There have been summers when I have avoided the heat. I have stayed inside, out of the sun probably too much. This summer was not like that. As I look back on our summer vacation from school, I feel that we made the most of the beautiful weather. We went to the beach several times, swam in pools, threw water balloons, jumped in bounce houses and puddles and danced in the rain.

Most of this happened outside, in full sun. We are a fair skinned family and burn easily so sun protection is important to us! We have had some ups and downs this summer thanks to the sun and today I'm going to share some photos and little stories with you about it all.

Cabana Life Swimwear

At the start of the Summer, we went to the beach a couple of times. For our first visit, we arrived, set up our chairs, blankets, cooler, beach toys, and then I applied sunscreen to each of the girls (face, neck, back, chest, arms, legs). They had to wait those recommended 15 or so minutes before entering the water and then we could finally begin the fun!  They played in the sand and water with their friends for hours, we had a picnic lunch and a wonderful time.

It was a fabulous day and when we got home and got ready for bed, it became clear that I had somehow missed putting sunscreen on Talia's back (she had a sunburn there and nowhere else).  I felt terrible! I could have sworn I put sunscreen everywhere! Soon after that, we spent a day at a waterpark and Talia wore a Tee Shirt over her swimsuit that day, to avoid damaging her skin further! She wasn't a big fan of this "fashion statement" but understood its importance. It was baggy and heavy when wet, but it did protect her from the sun.

Cabana Life Rash Guard Tops

I had been looking for a swimwear line that would be of great quality, stylish, and have options with more coverage for extra sun protection for our family. It was actually quite challenging so I was very excited when I found Cabana Life's website. Fast forward a bit through the summer to when our new swim suits from Cabana Life arrived, and I was a happy Momma! We cut sunscreen time down by a lot because the Cabana Life rash guard tops cover chest, arms, back and shoulders- hurray!  

Cabana Life Rash Guard

I only have to remember to apply sunscreen to legs and faces and we're good to go!  I don't have to worry about missing sunscreen on an area, and they don't have to wait around as long for me to get sunscreen everywhere or to re-apply it after time.

I love having a suit too, because when I take the girls somewhere by ourselves, it's difficult to figure out how to get sunscreen on my own back properly! 

Cabana Life Swimwear Fabric

I also just love the fabric patterns that Cabana Life uses- I like so many of their suits, it was really difficult to choose! They even have some patterns in both child and adult sizes so you can match your kids!

I'm wearing the Monaco Blue Ruched Rashguard and striped bikini bottoms. I love the side rouching because it means I can wear my top as long as I want to (sometimes long swim tops are not long enough for my torso). It can even extend into a dress. I'm kind of obsessed with the Monaco Blue print and the embroidery around the zipper at the top. I love this colour!

Cabana Life Reviews

Talia is wearing the Big Girls Azalea Shores Rashguard Set. I also love this print! The set comes with a little bikini top to wear under the rash guard which has rouching similar to my top (but doesn't get quite as long as mine does). I love that her set comes with shorts bottoms! 

Katrina is wearing the Little Girls Coral Lattice Rashguard Set. The little girls' sets don't come with a bikini top. She was hesitant to try a top with long sleeves in warm weather but after the first time she tried it, she came home and told me she was surprised that she wasn't warm at all!  It's true- if you're wet, it doesn't matter that you have sleeves!

I should also mention that all of our rash guards had a zipper that made it very easy to put them on and the tops were not skin tight so there was no struggling to change, trying to get a wet, tight rash guard over your head!

We've been using these suits for just over a month now and I have been very happy with them. If you follow me over on my Instagram account, then you've seen photos of us using these suits at the pool, splashing in puddles, playing in sprinklers and more!

I'm thrilled that we found such a fabulous company and I'm excited to share them with you!
You can also find Cabana Life sun protective clothing on their website.

Disclosure: I am a Cabana Life Brand Ambassador and as such, have received product in exchange for sharing our experience with the product with you. All opinions shared here are my own.

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  1. I haven't heard of Cabana Life before. I really like your new suits!

    1. Thank you! They're a fabulous company. I was so impressed when I found their website!

  2. Oh my goodness!!! The suits are absolutely wonderful!!! I have never heard of Cabana Life Swimwear, I'm so going to check them out. Thanks for sharing!

    1. You're very welcome! Yes, they are so nice! You'll be amazed by all of the options they have on their site.

  3. I come from a blend of many of the pale and freckled peoples of the world, and desperately need something like this for my family! No amount of sunscreen does the job for us, and we live in Phoenix!

    1. I hear you! These are sooo nice to have, just for the relief of not having to put as much sunscreen on AND not having to worry about re-applying, but knowing they're protected!

  4. This is 100% the suit I am getting next summer. Less sunscreen to apply, no armpits to shave... I love how the top even covers your bum!

    1. You will love it Lindsay! That's a good point about the armpits too! haha :)

  5. We could have used these at the swimming pool this year. We have a pool and we travel a lot and rash guard shirts are crucial for all of us. We have several different brands. My older daughter is the fairest of all of us and she really needs one when she goes to camp etc. So I will put this brand on my list of must check outs for our winter trips to the south.

    1. Yes, do! They are so nice & I have seen several sales lately, so it's an especially good time to check them out!

  6. Those are such nice suits. I am planning (hopefully) a winter getaway with the kids this year somewhere hot and the sun is much different than here in Canada. I will definitely check these out for our trip!

  7. i love those swimsuits they are so cute!


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