Digital Sketch Charades

While we were on our Florida vacation, we had a couple of "down time" days in our rental home. We had been walking Disney for days, so lounging around and resting our feet was an important part of our time there! Ken had his tablet with him and we had already found one really fun way to use the stylus at Disney World, so we were excited to try Ken's next creative idea: his version of digital Pictionary!

We figured out how to get the sketches up onto the T.V. and it was so fun to watch them appear! Here's how we did it:

DIY Digital Pictionary

We hooked the tablet up to the T.V. with an HDMI Adapter and HDMI cable. Then, using Autodesk's Sketchbook App, we could draw on the tablet with the stylus and have the drawing show up on both the T.V. and the tablet!

Apps for DIY Digital Sketch Charades aka Pictionary

Here Katrina is having her turn to draw. We found an app called "Game Words" that generates words. This worked perfectly for ideas of things to draw. :)

The rest of us hung out on the bed, watching her drawing appear in real-time on the T.V. and guessing what she was drawing.

The one you can see in these photos was "Nightmare".

We've used this game many times since then- I actually wrote this post about a year ago and didn't realize I had never published it! We've used it for birthday parties and I've used it to help teach Primary (children's Sunday School) at church. We love this game! :)

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  1. I LOVE this, what a great way to entertain the kiddos! this would also work well for the grown ups to get together for a game of pictionary, hangman and so many more.

  2. Wow, a great idea and lots of fun no doubt. :-)

  3. Tablets and their ability to do soooo many things is quite amazing! Perfect for any time.

    1. We've used it for anything from parties to teaching- you're right! :)

  4. This is such a great idea. You guys are so creative. I love playing of my all time fav games. Can't wait till the boys can start to play too.

  5. This is awesome! Our kids would have a good time with this!

  6. I think that Monica's onto something with her ideas. :-)

  7. Looks like alot of fun...can't wait to try playing it with my family!

  8. I love this idea! We played Pictionary the other day. So much waste in paper. I love the greener version much better!

  9. Debbie White BeattieNovember 2, 2017 at 11:06 PM

    This is such a great program because it gets kids creativity going and I bet it's lots of fun

  10. This is really neat. My kids draw all the time and this would make it more interactive.

  11. That would have been a fun game to play. Great family time.

  12. Well, this certainly is a fun idea!


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