The Forgotten Carols

We finally got to see The Forgotten Carols as a family! I wrote about the tickets and how I was looking forward to it last month, but today I wanted to share a little about the show & what we all thought of it.

The Forgotten Carols, live!

The Forgotten Carols is a play about a man who claims to have known several people from the time of Jesus, who were involved with the Christmas story. Each character has his or her own carol (a song written by Michael McLean), and each character is someone "forgotten" (someone we don't hear too much about when we re-tell the Christmas story). The music is SO good!

Some of my favorites are Joseph the Carpenter, a shepherd who fell asleep and missed the chance to see the baby Jesus in person, and a woman who was unable to have children but got the chance to hold Mary's baby so she could rest. The songs are beautiful and each of them not only shares a story but also rings true for the audience (for example, the shepherd who missed his chance to see the baby has only heard the story of what the other shepherds saw and has to decided whether to believe in things he never got to see- just like we each make that decision).

At the end of the show, Michael talks to the audience, sings with the audience, and shares thoughts and feelings about Christmas and music. I love the way the show ends, and the spirit of Christmas that is there. I love to listen to the CD every year and as long as we're in Utah where many of the shows are, I would love to make this a yearly tradition!

In 2020, The Forgotten Carols team created a version of the musical for theatrical release & DVD! I've written all about it & where you can get it in this post.

Disclosure: Tickets were provided to facilitate this and a future post about Forgotten Carols. All opinions that will be shared are mine & are honest. We would've attended anyway because I'm a huge fan! ;)

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  1. How have I never heard of this!? Looks like something my kids would love!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Salma :) I love the music as well as the show- it was lovely to be there in person this year.

  3. Gotta love live theatre and the wholesome Christmas theme is just the cherry on top.

  4. I have never even heard of this show. Looks lovely. I wonder if they come to Vancouver, what a fun new tradition you have started.

    1. It's so good! I'm excited to repeat it if we're in the area again next year! :)


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