First Time Beard Care - Urban Beard Review

I've got a thorough Urban Beard review for you of several different beard care products today! As a first time beard grower, Ken wanted to try a bunch of things to figure out what worked, what didn't, and even do a bit of a scientific experiment.

First Time Beard Grower

A few weeks ago I found myself typing "first time beard care" into a search engine. Our family had been in self isolation for several weeks because of the pandemic and Ken had a pretty healthy "isolation beard" growing. He was happy with its growth but finding it itchy and scratchy! The time had come to learn more about how experienced beard owners take care of their hair!

Urban Beard
Urban Beard Products

Testing New Beard Products & Companies

Ken ordered a boar bristle brush and some beard balm online and when they arrived, we were both disappointed. The brush worked well but the balm didn't seem to do much for his beard except to make it smell terrible! It was so bad that he sent it back and I started doing research into beard brands. I came upon Urban Beard, a Canadian company based in Toronto that makes their own original, handcrafted products in-house.

We knew Ken wasn't the only dad growing his first time beard in isolation, so we got our hands on some Urban Beard products so Ken could try them and we could report back to you on his experience. This post has the details, his recommendations on products and product use, a video, and a giveaway where you could win some Urban Beard products for your own partner, as a belated Father's Day gift!

Urban Beard Review
Urban Beard Review

Urban Beard Products We Tested:

- Shampoo Bar
- Cleansing Conditioner
- Beard Oil
- Beard Butter
- Beard Balm

Urban Beard Review Video

Here's a video with all the details about Ken's experience with each of the products! We'll share some quick notes about each product in the blog post, below the video, if you just want the point form version!

Urban Beard Product Overview

Here's a quick point form summary of what each of the products do and what we liked about them. Watch the video above for more details!

Urban Beard Shampoo Bar and Conditioner

Shampoo Bar

- left hair feeling squeaky clean
- leaves hair & face less dry than regular shampoo or face soap
- mint scent

Cleansing Conditioner

- Ken's favourite product!
- left hair soft & smooth
- helped get rid of itchiness

Urban Beard Butter, Oil, and Balm

Urban Beard Oil

- Ken's 2nd favourite product
- just a few drops leaves beard feeling softer
- lasts all day
- smells great (he tried the original scent- strong notes of cedarwood with hints of lavender)
- comes in 6 scent options (including unscented)

Urban Beard Butter

- matte finish, non-greasy
- great mint scent
- can use as leave-in conditioner overnight or throughout the day

Urban Beard Balm

- provides medium hold
- helps condition beard
- matte finish
- comes in the same scent options as the beard oil

Urban Beard Bundle Giveaway & Discount Code

Father's Day is the perfect time to get some Urban Beard products for your partner! They make a great dad gift idea! You can use the code RaisingMemories15 for a discount on your order!

In addition, one of you will win the product bundle of your choice from Urban Beard's website! The winner can choose their favourite bundle of the 6 options listed at $59.95 from their website!

Just fill out this form to enter:

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Disclosure: Review & Giveaway products were provided by Urban Beard to facilitate this review & giveaway.

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  1. This would have come in handy a year ago, my hubby grew an epic beard!

  2. I had no idea there were so many beard products. My husband is a military man and no bears allowed , so I had no idea.

    1. I had no idea about the options out there either! It was nice to get a chance to try several and figure out what his preferences were!

  3. I would love to get these for my husband. I love when he grows his beard out!

  4. Beards are so in style today. It's great that your husband was able to find some grooming products to make it easy for him to keep his beard looking good.

  5. I didn't grow a quarantine beard, but I definitely have some quarantine hair happening on top of my head. I have a few friends who have beards and it's fascinating just how much care can go into them. This is a great Father's Day gift idea!

    1. haha really! I've never seen my hubby's hair so long before! :)

  6. This is such a great gift idea for Father's Day!

  7. Men need pampering too! These look like awesome products which I'll keep in mind for gifts for the holidays.

  8. This looks like a great gift for dads with beards! I never knew there were so many different products for beards!

  9. Couldn't have come at a better time... at the tail end of this quarantine. I have seen so many men rocking the beard! LOVE IT! This stuff looks amazing!

  10. Very cool! Does it also work for patchy stubble? Lol

  11. My Dad grew a beard during this time. The bundle I like is the Artisan one.

  12. I think I would chose the Man Pack, cause my husband is manly!

  13. Both my husband and his brother grew their beards, but my husband is keeping his and his brother will be shaving his off once he is back to work.

  14. The lumbersexual is an awesome name lol

  15. I think I would choose the man pack thanks for the giveaway

  16. I would choose the man pack...thanks for the giveaway

  17. I'd choose the Man Pack for my fiance - thanks for the generous contest & chance to win!!

  18. My dad grew an isolation beard - thanks for the generous contest & chance to win!!

  19. Urban beard ROCKS been using it on my beard since day 1 @905FYAH on IG

  20. Lumbersexual is a creative name and looks like a good set to has tame my partner's beard.

  21. My partner is still growing out his isolation beard and there's no end to it yet!

  22. I gotta try me some of that. I hate an itchy beard. I also hate shaving. win-win!

  23. I would like to get the Skincare Bundle.

  24. My husband grew an isolation beard.

  25. I think I would chose the Man Pack. Great for my husband.

  26. My 2 sons and my husband grew an isolation beard, but they do need some trimming to look decent.


  28. These products would be great as stocking stuffers from my son, thank you for sharing.

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