Gooey Marshmallow Brownie Recipe

We're still staying in a lot and entertaining ourselves at home so it feels like the perfect time to re-share this marshmallow brownie recipe! Brownies have been a repeated treat for us over here ever since this pandemic hit! We've been making microwave mug brownies pretty often, Talia found a homemade brownies-from-scratch recipe with frosting that she has perfected, and recently we pulled out a brownie mix and added some mix-ins. I noticed this marshmallow brownie topping idea on my blog from exactly 3 years ago to the day, and thought it needed to come to the front of the blog again! ;)


All you need are some marshmallows and chocolate chips to take your regular brownies from good to amazing! I'm impressed by how the marshmallow layer on top of these brownies stays soft even after the brownies are cool. We love adding some extra deliciousness to a simple brownie mix!

Marshmallow Brownie Recipe